Revolt against the modern world

The Traitors to Western Civilization

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Let me be clear, we cannot blame one particular class in Western civilization for its looming collapse. Although right-wing populism is currently stemming the flow of torrential degeneracy, which pulls us to the precipice, the corrupt political class is not the root cause. Yes, they have foisted cultural Marxism upon us, leading a direct attack on the middle and working classes of our country, but the problem is not just with class division and egalitarianism; it is a lost sense of nationhood and kinship, and democracy’s pitting all conceivable groups against each other.

The left have been acting on Gramsci’s advice to destroy Western culture from top to bottom, in order to replace it with Communism, for half a century; especially since the collapse of the Berlin Wall. But the story begins long before the nihilism of the 1960’s. It is quite true, the left first countered and conquered culture and the youth with the sexual revolution etc., and then began militantly subverting academic institutions so successfully that by the turn of the 21st century, my peers at college sincerely believed that there was no culture in the West. But, I repeat, this hasn’t solely been the work of subversive forces upon the West but also our own lack of vision beyond our individualistic tendencies.

The West’s uniquely individualistic societies have been key to our remarkable innovative ability, even with inventions which were not our own, resulting in the envied levels of prosperity we still possess. Yet this individualism enabled the French Revolution and numerous other movements across Europe, which sought to throw off the old order of natural hierarchies and organically derived ethno-nations in favour of a dull vision of every man as a mere economic unit within a vast contract, enforced by bureaucracies acting with impunity.

It was England’s clinging to tradition which saw it fall behind the unmatched modernization, in so many fields, of the Germans through the 19th century, leaving innovation up to the hobby scientists and tinkerers romanticized by steampunks.  Nevertheless, it was the same traditional values which kept it from the folk’s rush towards fascism, across the continent. The same invalid Rousseauian ideas about the nature of man which inspired the French Revolution, inspired Communism, which took full advantage of the already dividing classes of Europe. Yet, the working classes of Britain retained and retain much of their love for their monarch – Gawd bless ‘er!  But, if Traditionalism is so terrible, why did the British hold it dear?

Traditionalism in Britain was not confused with libertarian ideals but was rather one with them; we all shared the individualistic values of the rule of law with every Englishman’s home as his castle, yet this individualism was by no means anti-social. We British once respected everyone from every class as our kinsmen and even celebrated our differences through comedy and possessed all the qualities that Fukuyama and most others note as necessary for a high trust society. The aristocracy saw the people as their tribesmen, so to speak. Yet, since WWII, we have been seduced into ever greater egalitarianism, even hyper-individualism. As the brilliant Sean Gabb has pointed out, the 1980’s saw Thatcher completely disregard and even attack the working class, causing massive division between them and the middle class especially and the rise of the hypocritically totalitarian left.

The situation is much the same across the Anglosphere, as the US republic, like our parliamentary monarchy, has been swept away with democracy and anti-social individualism; all our social interactions are micro-managed by indifferent, bureaucratic middle men and every conceivable group vies for political power in the spirit of every woman for herself.  The working class have been riled up to demand greater welfare money from the middle classes, who in turn resent them, whilst both have been replaced by yet another competing group – immigrants.

The aristocracy have in turn been replaced with a political class equally self-interested, lacking any noblesse oblige.  They have used the weapons of multiculturalism, the destruction of national identity, large-scale immigration, the nanny state and the obliteration of the traditional family to squeeze as many votes from as many groups as possible, ensuring their division for the next four years of their careers. They have lined their pockets and those of special interest groups, showing no signs of repentance for dooming Western civilization; at best, they may be too deluded to see it coming.

So divided, the left aims to ultimately mobilize the ‘oppressed’ against all who stand up or stand out from the Procrustean bed of egalitarianism. Stoddard called this, the menace of the untermensch – the levelling of the natural order and its replacement with an unnatural reign of Bolshevik masters over a domesticated collective. This is not histrionic raving on my part; this is the explicit goal of foundational leftist thinkers and one they have achieved before in the West. There is only one hope for the restoration of the natural order or at least major progress back to it and that is the right-wing populism and nationalistic movements sweeping the West, with the currently sad exceptions of Canada and Scandinavia.

Make no mistake, regardless of what one’s background, if one opposes the natural order of one’s national people, there is no other term to use but ‘traitor’. The communist thugs who have violently attacked the silent majorities opposing cultural Marxism and globalism in the voting booths of Western countries of late, are traitors and must be dealt with as such.  But the guilt of the political classes, who have feigned benevolent responsibility over their fellow-citizens, is more so, having borne the power and the obligation to protect their own.

So, what is stopping us from descending into all out war, as in early last century? Civil wars between the left, represented by Angela Merkel – archetype of the dividing and conquering traitors, and a fascistic uprising to restore the natural order and put down subversive groups? Donald Trump. Yes, I predict he will be followed by equally nationalistic, albeit civilly nationalistic, leaders, such as le Pen, Wilders and Petry. They will redirect us back to the sort of live and let live liberalism typical before the collapse of the Berlin Wall, just as the Donald has been doing. In fact, he has done more for liberty and tradition in his first week than any party has in decades. But, hopefully, the will of the people will not stop pushing for reaction, to greater restorations of what was once organic and good about Western society, communities even.

What will make or brake Western civilization will be whether these new populist leaders can prove themselves trustworthy, sincerely caring about their people. The only thing which can restore the natural order is what kept it together before – the noblesse oblige of the aristocracy. And that involves handling those traitors and subversive groups, utterly at odds with our shared European cultural heritage, with all the ferocity of a protective father.

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