Revolt against the modern world
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A Century of Doom

We must be more than what we are. Being nothing is easy in the modern world, being something is the most demanding thing you can do. We must find our way out of the shadow modernity has cast over our race. Without a destiny we have nothing…

Sparks from the Golden Anvil

Our fight is not fundamentally about the fact that modernity has forced us to live an urban, technological life. It is about the fact modernity is bent on killing us and expunging our record from this earth. It is a death cult that has…

The Faustian Soul

After Achilles had defeated Hector in battle, his chariot dragged his corpse by the heels. Such was the hubristic spirit of our Indo-European ancestors — warrior nomads who conquered and ruled peoples from Europe to Asia, millennia before…


The Ottoman Turks sailed to prove that they can march into Rome and turn Saint Peters`s into a Mosque by the end of the year.The paid the same price paid by everybody in history who tried to put Europa into chains.