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The Daily Nationalist: US War Against Iran?

Sven Longshanks and Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson look at possible staged provocations involving oil tankers that could be used as an excuse for war between America and Iran.

Oil tankers belonging to Saudi Arabia and Norway were supposedly sabotaged while somewhere in the Middle East this week, yet there is no confirmation of any damage. America was quick to point out that it was Iran that was responsible, although there has been no investigation as yet.

This comes on top of all the threats that America has been making about Iran, who recently announced that they had intelligence that sabotage would be used as a pretext to create tensions in the region. Trump is talking about sending 120,00 American troops to the area and this will probably be followed by an Israeli attack on Iranian targets, just like they keep doing to Syria. The problem this time around though, is that many of America’s allies don’t want war with Iran and don’t see any reason for America to have pulled out of the nuclear treaty.

Will this be enough to prevent war between the two nations?

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