The worldview of a Warden

Dear reader,

I can only guess that you are on your journey towards the right, most likely due to increasing disorder and chaos in the Western world, and it was most likely not an intellectual argument that actually brought you here, but something inside broke, or shifted, in the emotional or psychological planes due to an outside action you experienced that shook you. No matter how much you tried to wake from the bad dream, no matter what you did, where you sought help – a sense of disenchantment and melancholy crept into your mind and soul, slowly nesting there as if it was making you its new home. Nothing could actually fill that growing void, and now spreading negative emotions about the world. It drives you slightly insane because not many people around understand or agree with you, some are even disgusted and call you names.

And so you are here as if by a call of fate, thinking that your new experience is about embracing about a new (or rather older) political views. And partially, you are right, sure. Yet, let me save you a lot of soul searching and time – immigration policies, economic plans, fantastic party programs are just an afterthought and don’t really matter. Not in the sense we should not care about the management of our countries, our alliances and unions, but in the higher since they are not the issue.

The real point of conflict is between you and your being. Because the only difference between Left and Right is really just spiritual, and following from that – a moral one. It is the root of the issue. The Right wing, or whatever we might call ourselves, believe in a higher cosmological order, a hierarchy, and from it, everything else manifests into the world. You can call it in philosophical terms Idealism, or religiosity, or be having faith, but despite that, the cardinal difference is that if you do truly belong to the right, sooner or later, you will find yourself believing and fighting for ideas that life is not about consumption and participating in the labour market and merely reproducing, not about seeking pleasure and self-gratification, or novelty. Life is more than mere matter, it is about ideas, or God, that transform and guide our people, or any folk, towards Higher and Nobler existences, life is about dignity and meaning that we derive from our integrity between Thought, Word and Deed and purposeful work we invest those ideals that we put before and above ourselves. Living is about Strength, Virility, Glory and Goodness not only for ourselves, but for all people around us, our kin, our neighbours, and only then radiating outwardly for others who mean to reciprocate those ideals we take ours ( why put pearls before swine, and then invite the swine into our guestroom, for it to make a mess?).

Even if you disagree with the current point, let the message stay dormant, with the hope that someday it will surface to guide you towards answers you might seek to live a life actually worth living. Maybe a not happy life, but a meaningful and a purposeful one, with all demons of despair on the other side of your inner castle walls.

Graf von Marstall

The first Warden and Primus inter Pares. Born in the heart of the Balkans, where he finished his Legal and Political science education. Has a deep and profound fascination with Humanities, Culture, and art and military strength culture. Politics and writing are a passion in their own right. Fighting the Culture war as long as he remembers himself.