The readers are no doubt familiar with the acceleration of rioting and violence ( “protests” ) by AntiFa and other assorted far left groups going on lately, especially in USA and particularly after the latest presidential election there. Most are probably already familiar with and annoyed by the shear amount of hypocrisy coming from that movement, seeing as most of them are bourgeois hipsters, trustafarians and other overly-privileged upper-middle class kids. Also,  the non-stop repetition of their antics is rapidly becoming stale and yet there’s no end on the horizon. So, what’s going on here, actually?

Mencius Moldbug , the dark knight of the Neoreaction , argues that unlike most ruling classes in history which were quite conscious of their position in society,  the uniqueness of progressivism lies in the systematic self-deception of its followers that it is actually the underdog fighting against reactionary forces that are allegedly in real power. As he put it :

  The progressive is always the underdog in his own mind. Yet, in objective reality, he always seems to win in the end.

These bi-coastal bourgeois , or Brahmins in his terminology , managed to topple the previous ruling class – the aristocracy – somewhere during the last two centuries in the USA, and their epigones have done the same in most countries around the world, frequently with their overt support – and that of United States Government ( USG ) .

Not only did the Brahminate politically marginalize the aristocracy, but more importantly, they succeeded in overtaking its universities and other intellectual centers. So nowadays even the children of aristocrats are being educated to become Brahmins. Continues Moldbug :

  So, since the Brahmin victories of the 20th century, it’s very rare for a young Western man to grow up in anything like an aristocratic or militaristic tradition, or to learn business in the traditional apprenticeship style. Instead all are thoroughly Brahminized …

This phenomenon, starting with the Boston Brahmins and other New England élites , has since the War of  Yankee Aggression spread across the States and then been exported overseas. Not only in the more or less USG-run West, but even behind the former Iron Curtain, where a homologous class – the so-called Red Bourgeoisie  – has not only survived the eclipse of Communism, but has actually thrived at the expense of everybody else.  And if this doesn’t take, if someone somehow succeeds in going thru the university process without absorbing all the hallmarks of  the Brahminate, then he remains uncultured, or , as the Red Bourgeois would say,  некультурный  – a Prole , in a word, whatever his tax bracket.

The level of self-delusion that they are neither members of the ruling class nor its children runs deep into Brahmins’ minds. And it’s shockingly sincere, as is their utter contempt for the Proles . As Moldbug says  :

  …   no Brahmin, at least no Brahmin I can imagine, ever thinks that he is (a) the ruling class, (b) allied with criminals and immigrants to crush the white working class and the old aristocracy, or (c) a cog in a 75-year-old political machine whose goal is to dominate the world and convert all humans to the worship of a single transnational, bureaucratic superstate in which his caste will play the traditional role of the mandarin priest-oligarch.

Au contraire! He is working for peace and justice. He is fighting against racism, prejudice, corruption and oppression. He has never even considered the possibility of ruling the world. If he can, in some small way, serve it, this will be honor enough. His sincerity is obvious, and it is genuine. No fat salary, no pension plan, no incentive package, is needed to bring him on board. A grown man in his forties, he may work for a sum that is barely a stipend.

  Yet to an alien observer, with no understanding of human psychology or motivations, I believe the former interpretation would seem perfectly plausible. Even obvious.

A personal anecdote: a year and a half ago,  the present author wasted two working days and a full reservoir of gasoline in a traffic jam caused by a bunch of bourgeois hipsters / soi-disant revolutionaries blocking the center of his city in a protest against the then current regime. To be fair,  they honestly didn’t think for a split second that they were actually preventing the Proles from earning their daily bread . Trust funds and cushy NGO salaried “jobs” can indeed insulate from such earthly pursuits. When pointed out, the usual knee-jerk response went along the lines of indignation of such ingratitude. “ We wuz bringing you ungrateful Proles freedom and justice and democracy, while you complain about trifles ! ” Off course, there they were also surrounded by the “fascist” police, obviously there to oppress them and repress them. The thought never crossed their minds that the main job of the “fascist” police there was to ensure that their pampered bourgeois derrières don’t end up as some pissed-off Prole’s road kill.

All this, I gather, had already been vaguely apparent , as had been the fact that wealthy sponsors and powerful interests were financially behind both the AntiFa ” protests” in the West and the Colorful Revolutions in the East. But not by bread alone doth a  man live, as the Good Book sayeth . What was – and still is – spiritually behind these events, what motivates comfortably well-off kids into all this apparently pointless LARPing ?

Another, regretfully neglected, right-wing thinker might help us here with his insight – the late Romanian historian of religion Mircea Eliade. He was especially committed to studying mystery rites and helped define and promote the ideas of hierophanic time and of eternal return.

Hierophanies simply mean appearances of the sacred. It includes theophanies – the appearances of God ( or gods ) – but is by no means restricted  only to them. It can just as well be revelations of an ancestor, or a culture hero ( or both ) who established some custom , some archetype to be ritually repeated in perpetuity. But, let the Sage speak for himself :

…Being real and sacred, the myth becomes exemplary, and consequently repeatable, for it serves as a model, and by the same token as a justification, for all human actions. In other words, a myth is a true history of what came to pass at the beginning of Time, and one which provides the pattern for human behavior. In imitating the exemplary acts  of a mythic hero, one detaches himself from profane time and magically re-enters the Great Time, the sacred time.

….A ritual does not merely repeat the ritual that came before it (itself the repetition of an archetype.), but is linked to it and continues it, whether at fixed periods or otherwise.

… Indeed, every one of these ” religious things ” indefinitely repeats the archetype ; in other words, repeats what took place at the ” beginning “, at the moment when a rite or religious gesture was, being revealed, at the same time expressed in history.

… the periodic recurrence of sacred time has an important place in the religious notions of all mankind ; but it is extremely significant that the same contrivance of imitating an archetype and repeating an archetypal action can do away with profane time and transform it into sacred, quite apart from any periodic rites ; it proves, on the one hand, that the tendency to ” hierophanize ” time is something essential, independent of any systems based on the framework of social life, independent of the normal means of abolishing profane  and establishing sacred time…

…so too sacred time, generally established by communal feasts set by the calendar, may be attained at any time and by anyone, simply by repeating an archetypal, mythical gesture. It is important that we remember henceforth this tendency to go outside the frameworks of society in establishing sacred time….

In other words, the archetypal gestures and establishing of customs by the mythical ancestor / culture hero happened in the sacred, hierophanic time and their repetition and imitation , while apparently happening here and now, also takes place in the sacred, hierophanic time, by transcending profane time and space.

What goes for the religious rites and rituals, from those of shamans, medicine men and witchdoctors, up to the mysteries of classical antiquity and even the sacred mysteries of the Christian Church, also goes for the secular mysteries of the contemporary ruling class the world round.

Despite  spending half a century becoming filthy rich from graft and corruption beyond the wildest dreams of the robber barons, the postcolonial sub-Saharan élite – the WaBenzi – still like to LARP as some brave anti-colonial guerrillas hiding in the bush from European colonial imperialists ( Those pesky whities , with their oppressive modern live-saving medicine and repressive insistence on banning female circumcision. Well, then, their future Chinese overlords ain’t gonna be so oppressively naïve in the least … )

Eastern European (post)communist élite – the aforementioned Red Bourgeoisie – still fancies itself a plucky bunch of communist antifascist resistance fighters operating from some hidden bases deep in the forests. Hey, when you transcend time and space, you’re always a split second from being discovered by Gestapo , even while you tweet about muh oppreshun at Starbucks, dontcha know , Comrade?

And the American Brahmins ? Which culture hero is theirs, where in the profane timescale can we place their hierophanic revelation  ? Ooh, boy …

Taking a wild, but educated, guess here, the Hipster Bourgeoisie still lives ( hierophanically ) around the time of the Raid on Harpers Ferry. Y’know, that time over a century and a half ago, when John Brown ( pictured above ) , America’s first homegrown terrorist –   and a crazy moonbat religious fanatic at that – occupied a federal armory in order to stir a revol(u)t(ion) south of Mason-Dixon. Yes, despite his harebrained scheme backfiring and  himself ending hung from the gallows, he got his revolution posthumously and the South had to this day been forced to make amends for resisting in the first place, not to mention experiencing firsthand Washington D.C. imperial policy, something that had become commonplace around the world lately. But to listen to AntiFa hierophants high on their sacred mysteries, you’d think they are Wide Awakes / Secret Six still plotting the overthrow of the plantation élite in Dixie.

But back on Moldbug now. He’s on record stating that the overthrow of our current ruling class is nigh unfeasible, but what he hopes for is for them to stop LARPing and finally  start, y’know, ruling. Tough chance for that, though. Ruling implies taking responsibility. Noblesse oblige and all that. But ruling is hard. Taking responsibility is even harder. It’s easier to just wage revolution. It’s even easier – not to mention, virtually risk-free – to LARP a revolution while actually being a ruling class . So , our enlightenment and anointed élites will continue LARPing an AntiFa Resistance ad infinitum.

But that’s been going with more or less the same rhythm for decades now, so what’s this sudden outbreak these last thirteen months? Well, y’see, it’s those pesky Proles again.

Readers are surely familiar with the fact that there are two major parties in the USA  : the Evil Party, representing the Brahmins and their assorted allies – the lumpenproletariat , the immigrants, the minorities ( but I repeat myself  ) etc ; and the Stupid Party, ostensibly representing the white working class ( i.e. the Proles ) and what’s left of the aristocracy – and bamboozling both in the process by being real chums and the most loyal opposition the Evil Party could ever wish for. No prizes for guessing their official names.

And despite the fact that America – and, thru her, most of the world – is effectively run by her permanent civil service, which is both a) nigh irremovable and b) almost uniformly Evil Party-aligned, much attention has been paid to the 1‰ of the government that is still periodically subject to popular approval ( or disapproval ) by way of the election process. And none more than the office of the President.

Part of this stems from the fundamental differences of how both sides see that office. For the Proles, the President is the CEO of America. But for the Evil Party, proceeds Moldbug :

… the so-called “President,” ie, the player whom callers help select in USG’s quadrennial reality show, is hardly a temporal position at all. It is really more of a spiritual office. The Roman pontifex maximus is a fine analogy. I also admire the phrase “bully pulpit,” which I feel could be used a good bit more.

But obviously the most sacrilegious possible desecration is one in which an actual, practicing Prole is appointed, by some awful cosmic mistake, to the hallowed post of “President.” It’s basically like having a porn star elected Pope … The purpose of the White House is to teach the Proles that it’s wrong to be a Prole, and they need to stop. Now. I mean, duh.

Come to think of it, this does sound like the reasoning of people vested in hierophanic mysteries, actually…

Anyway, the Stupid Party is allowed from time to time to fill the office with a candidate of their own – provided he’s an establishment-approved spineless non-entity satisfied with spending his whole term ( or even terms ) warding off unfounded accusation of being the second coming of Hitler. Like, dunno, certain Connecticut Yankee Progressive raised in Texas who won two terms as Texan Cowboy and governed as a Connecticut Yankee Progressive. Guess Nature beats Nurture after all. And if  the Stupid Party is too , well, stupid to find a suitable candidate, the Evil Party is always there to loan a Wendell Willkie . After all, they don’t want those Proles to come to a conclusion that they’re living in a one-party dictatorship….

And just when the Evil Party had booked a slot for the next Affirmative Action President, the Deluge came. After both parties effectively double-crossing over and over just about any decent human being in the country, a resurgence formed against the establishment from both left and right. The Evil Party deflected the danger with relative ease, leaving the grassroots folks to express their opinions and then sending them to bed so that the “grownups” could elect the predetermined candidate. The Stupid Party though….

What happened next is ubiquitously known, so it won’t be elaborated here. Suffice to say, the Proles had the last laugh. Remember that Moldbug said,  someone not bowing to the politically correct Brahmin orthodoxy is a Prole by default, no matter his bank account?  And that line about the sacrilege of putting an actual, practicing Prole in the office of President ?

Well, that has come to pass. The Proles have succeeded in landing the roughest, toughest,  most boisterous, nasty-talking, PC-bashing, in-your-face, unapologetic, pu**y-grabbing Prole of them all in the White House. Oh, and to add insult to injury, a prole loaded as Croesus, to boot. Remember, when the Brahmins are yelling that “no one should own that much money” , what that mean is “no Prole should own that much money” . It’s OK for a Progressive, virtue-signaling , PC-espousing Brahmin fellow traveler to be a billionaire, like the “heroes” of Ralph Nader’s Only the Super-Rich Could Save Us. Like, for example , certain elderly immigrant busy financing regime changes thru the world. But for a Prole to be that rich, it insults every atom in progressive snowflakes’ beings.   Surely, the Skies are about to fall any time now.

Granted, much of this has been Progressives in their propaganda against him presenting and projecting him  as way more boorish than someone spending seven decades in New York City could realistically be. Did they realize they were just amplifying his already ginormous Prole-appeal up the Wazoo ? Frankly, they just didn’t care. If it was up to them, the Proles would have been long disenfranchised.

No one in his right mind expects the Chief Executive to single-handedly defeat the permanent civil service, or even to roll back all the progressive legacy accumulated over the decades. Off course, no one’s saying Progressives, much less AntiFa, are in their right mind, but this is way more about symbolism than any actual threat to the established order. The Proles from Flyover Country have broken the most sacred taboo in Brahmins’ book and the whole edifice of The One True Faith is threatened by the symbolism of that transgression. No wonder the moonbats are in a non-stop state of trance all this time.

Whoever thought it would end after a week, or a month, or a year – think again. We are stuck with Brahmins’ hierophanic mysteries as long as there are Brahmins.

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