The west has been culturally decaying and slowly dying since 1789. That is an actual state of affairs and not an assumption or a biased political observation coming as a distorted echo from the “right” side of cable street, to use terms with which our British readers would associate without any dwelling on it.

On a different level, I think that everyone living inside the postmodern labyrinth of leftist dogma, institutional ignorance, and oppression is aware, on a different level. The aristocrat of the soul, the last song, and daughter of the west know it and is fully aware of the Zeitgeist, which scourges the existence in the west. Thus he is spiritually and mentally ready to live according to his own higher law. According to Julius Evola, the noble in spirit know the direction they have to follow towards the summits of perseverance:

“For the authentic revolutionary conservative, what counts is to be faithful not to past forms and institutions, but rather to principles of which such forms and institutions have been particular expressions, adequate for a specific period and in a specific geographical area.”

This being said, it is clear that no amount of state-sponsored indoctrination and witch-hunting can put to slumber a mind so awake that is ready to withstand all the arrows of postmodernity aimed towards the annihilation of any form of spiritual culture and identity, all towardsq the dream of the fluid leviathan, nothingness and absurd transformed into a category of existential reality.

Then on the other side, there is the typical mediocre Urbanite, existing on the verges of suburbia or dragging himself through the c boulevards of concrete jungles timing with mental illnesses, decadence, mediocrity and above all, blindness when the truth is in question. Completely numbed and entangled in the narrative of the anti-cultural distorters, he suffers, in silence, because meaning is absent from his life. Chaos rules supreme all around, and he is paralyzed to look inwards for purpose but seeks it through adopting the culture of living already prescribe as a way of life.

It is a necessary classification between the few awakened, and the many blinded to draw the line where slavery ends, and resistance begins.

Resistance comes from the Late Latin resistance, from present participle stem of Latin resistere “make a stand against, oppose.”

And I cannot describe the spiritual struggle against the currency as anything else. I would go that far to say that I despise the resignation so actively among many Reactionaries. To react means to respond to all the forces of subversion fully and without constraint first internally, by the strength of spirit and a fierce dedication to stand firm with Tradition.

I am bringing here the notion of an existing detached from the subversive normative of the postmodern annihilation. Most of the people I know would consider this way of life not possible due to the socioeconomic necessities. That misconception comes from the wrong assumption that we are preaching a hermit lifestyle on the edges of society.

That is wrong, and doing that will lead nowhere, but towards the dream of the SJW inquisitor, and that is our complete removal from the social sphere of influence where we can take part in the formation of policies and wage a guerilla-like form of the Cultural War. Instead of martyrdom, we need to embrace metapolitics and push towards the shift of the cultural paradigm through all means at our disposal and operate within the frames of the Law; however irrational and hostile, it might be towards any manifestation of vital life, identity or active spiritual practice.

There is no universally accepted formula of how you can lead an authentic and meaningful life within, and still Ride the Tiger by having to function within the ranks of a profit-oriented corporate entity on a 9-5 basis, study and coexist in the Marxist dominated chambers of the University Inquisition which preaches hate towards any form of spiritual transcendence and doctrine of awakening, or just run a business on the lines of a left-wing organizational culture which enforces equality of outcome instead of equality where your ideas and worldview can cost you everything you build through sweat and toil because it triggers the hypersensitivity of the psychotic radical leftist acolytes.

I wish there were a structured and clearly defined model to be a reactionary, in the way that modern self-help literature offers quick fixes towards the goal of becoming rich or losing weight. Still, there is none, and reason for that is the absolute truth that obtaining meaning and purpose in the postmodern hellscape is not only a struggle for our movement as such but also an individual ascension towards the uncompromising total. Julius Evola tried to set some general guidelines in “Revolt Against the Modern World”:

“It is necessary to have “watchers” at hand who will bear witness to the values of Tradition in ever more uncompromising and firm ways, as the anti-traditional forces grow in strength. Even though these values cannot be achieved, it does not mean that they amount to mere “ideas.” These are MEASURES…. Let people of our time talking about these things with condescension as if they were anachronistic and anti-historical; we know that this is an alibi for their defeat. Let us leave modern men to their “truths” and let us only be concerned about one thing: to keep standing amid a world of ruins.”
Julius Evola, Revolt Against the Modern World

The interpretation in the contemporary conditions would be that full awareness is the foundation of any form of revolting. Firmness and uncompromising ways do not mean that you should go to your workplace or campus and preach the gospel of tradition or god forbid criticize more specific discourses like non-European immigration, SJW Inquisitorial suppression of freedom of speech, Man loathing radical feminism, mass murder orchestrated through state-sponsored approved abortion or LGBT(X) Identity proliferation. It means living an authentic life in the spirit of tradition without even blinking to the onslaught of the anti-traditional forces, which are gaining momentum with every moment in time. This is where we place the Way of the Warden as a concept of metaphysical revolt, and a few months ago I formulated quite a simple 4-dimensional development for the real cycle for Reactionaries in the “Ultimate Revolt” :

Let’s start from the simple notion that we are essentially four-dimensional beings possessing a Physical, intellectual, spiritual, and emotional/social dimension. They form an integral unity, interact and support our endeavors by their capacities. The thing is, they are not a fixed, but rather a dynamic force which we reinforce through struggle. Their manifestation is the red line between them and us, between the higher and the lower, the superior and the inferior and ultimately the strong and the weak.


It is essential to push your body through strength training and muscle building. By training, we break the premises of our cages rising stronger and filled with life. Everybody who is engaged in Bodybuilding and weightlifting knows the sensation of the body after a nailed set or a climbed mountain peak. Martial arts are even more fulfilling because they all consist of a truthful credo and philosophy. The metaphysical of the body expresses in satisfaction, which derives from the old God of pain, which transforms and empowers.

By writing and reading, you engorge your mind to expand opening new idea patterns through the lenses of the traditional eternal and primordial truths of Purity and hierarchy. Thinking is an essential existence with a given context, the creation of perception with frames, which is, in our case, the establishment of The Imperium as a Supranational category. Spirituality is a subject in its own right.

The spiritual death is the courtyard of the physical one, and that’s why we encourage the expression of the spiritual. Christianity, Asatru, it does not make a difference. The Battlecry of the Crusader and the War cry of the Viking is the product of the same blood and culture. Only after fulfilling the first three personal pillars can you engage in establishing or joining an already existing Warband, Party, association, or simply put Brotherhood. You can build only if you make yourself first through struggle and constant self-improvement.

I will repeat myself once more, this is not a universal formula to hack life in the ruins of the postmodern world, but a mere guideline on how to climb the summits of resistance where the secure dwell in the utmost defiance to darkness. It will not be easy, but finding meaning in a meaningless world, being strong when everyone is succumbing to weakness, and seeing the world of Tradition as your reality when everyone else is willingly blind towards the annihilation of our culture is a spiritual struggle making life worth living.

See you at the summits of resistance.

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