Right Is Not Wrong

Right Is Not Wrong      Let us start by considering, if you will, the word ‘countercultural’ and what it means. What do you think of straight away when you imagine a counterculture (or THE Counterculture rather, as it is usually associated with something quite specific in particular despite the general definition which could apply to […]

Eliminating Pain

Eliminating Pain In the field of Hedonics, the philosophy of negative valence experiences like pain, suffering, depression, anxiety, loss (or quite simply just the philosophy of pain) is as much of an exciting talking point as the philosophy of positive valence experiences like happiness, pleasure, novelty, meaning, fulfilment and mystical ecstasy (or similarly, just the […]

What is the Wim Hof Method?

What is the Wim Hof Method? If one were to survey a cross-section of people arriving at Wim Hof’s methods, it would appear that a substantial number of such people approach Hof’s exercises and techniques intending to manage anxiety and depression, two conditions which are unfortunately quite common within the more affluent and developed world. Whether […]