Leonidas and Ephialtes: The Archetype of the Hero and the Traitor. A lesson for Modernity

Marco Túlio Cicero, prominent politician, lawyer, orator, philosopher and Roman writer, wrote that history is the master of life (Historia Magistra Vitae). In his statement he incorporates the thought coming from the earliest classical historians like Herodotus and Thucydides, that history is full of examples that serve as a guide for men. History works as […]

Reflections on War

Peace, even if it is a valuable and beautiful ideal, is just that: an ideal. Universal peace is a utopia since there will always be those who do not want peace. As the famous Roman saying goes: “Se vis Pacem, para bellum”. But in the same way, war is also a calamity situation. War should […]

Heavy Metal: The Heroic Cult

In a scene where the motto is “Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll“, which makes it appear that this fruit of modernity will jump into the abyss like everyone else, an interesting phenomenon arises. Heavy Metal remains a bastion in counterpoint to other mainstream music styles that are completely degenerate. It is possible to find […]

The Spirit of the Age and Contemporary Nihilism

One of the main causes of the nihilism of our times is that Man has not found his Spirit of the Age – his Zeitgeist. The Greek poet Hesiod divided the Ages of Man into five quasi-mythological epochs, e.g.; the Gold, Silver, Bronze, Heroic and Iron Ages. Likewise, the Hindus believed in four corresponding Ages or […]