On the Use and Abuse of Identity

Identity isn’t something we can escape from. We can’t take a hot shower and hope that the color of our skin has been washed off in the process. Everyone: from a triracial Brazilian to a Finnish Laplander or a Trobriand Islander to an Alaskan Inuit is the result of untold milennias worth of biological history, each gene telling the story of some long-forgotten ancestor only half-remembered in some mythmoteur or in the yellowing pages of a family photo album.

Screw your Optics

This is what those on the Right who complain about optics are really concerned about. To them, the Right cannot survive on its own merits, to succeed, it must be well received by the vast bulk of normiedom. This is because, unlike the Left, the Right does not control the superstructure necessary to exercise its will. As of now, the Right cannot compete against the Left for control of political offices, corporate sponsorship, the media, cultural institutions, the university system, etc. The one thing it can compete for control over is public opinion. Unfortunately, this is the one thing the Right doesn’t need to succeed as a movement.

The Creation of the World according to the Gnostic Scriptures

The 1st to 3rd centuries AD were a time of religious resurgence and upheaval in the ancient Near East. In Rome, the cults of Mithras, Isis and Serapis, once considered to be mere exoticisms, were becoming more widely accepted among the Roman middle and upper classes. Second Temple Judaism had suffered a rift with the crucifixion of Christ and the missionary work of Paul and the Apostles had turned Christianity, a once obscure group of Jewish schismatics, into a messianic force that would eventually become the state religion of the Roman Empire. Among the various mystery cults and apocalyptic movements (of which there were many) that had emerged in this climate, a curious religious movement whose adherents called themselves gnostikoi or “Gnostics” began to emerge around the time of the early 1st century and whose ideas would arguably survive up until the end of the 4th century.

The Mystical Writings of Hildegard of Bingen

Hildegard of Bingen was a twelfth-century seeress from Germany known for her ecstatic visions in which she would hear a voice from heaven that she described as the un-created “Living Light.” Hildegard had a deep impact on Western spirituality and mysticism, not only in her own day, but in recent years as interest in her has been rekindled in the contemporary era.

Post-American Identity

To be an American in the 21st Century is essentially like being a Christian. Anyone, regardless of race, ethnicity and country of origin can be one so long as they accept democracy, capitalism and Mom’s apple pie into their hearts. It makes no difference if you are a descendant of the first Pilgrim’s to set foot off the Mayflower or a Sudanese immigrant who landed at JFK Airport yesterday. The name “American” no longer describes a people with a history or a purpose, with a vision of themselves and their place in the world—no, to be an American mean’s to be one of 320 million consumers united by nothing more than a deep and emphatic love of superhero movies and corn syrup.

The City Called to Him

Lance Kennedy’s The City Called to Him is about a man, known only as the Wanderer, having returned to the city of youth only to find it profoundly changed. The City, once a vibrant place filled activity and life, is now a dreary, desolate corpse-stricken charnel-house ruled over by a sorceress known only as the Mother. The Mother ascended to the throne of the City after first gaining the trust of and then betraying its Lord, having used dark magic to open a rift, summoning forth all manner of daemons and eldritch abominations who then proceeded to empty the City of all life.

The Choice of Alcibiades

It has often been said that the countries in which we live are no longer the one’s in which we grew up in. Political corruption, loss of faith in the democratic process and, of course, the ever present reality of rapid demographic change have made the nations of the West almost unrecognizable from what they were even a mere generation ago. The failure, or more accurately, the willing participation of our so-called leaders in our own ethnographic displacement has left everyone sane enough to recognize the outright betrayal that has taken place on the part of our own collective governments who– according to the principles of democracy– should have had our best interests at heart.

The Trisagion

Through our reciting of the Trisagion we are imitating the angels who perpetually glorify God in His majesty. This is further advanced by the act of ritually rising and falling during it’s recitation, always oriented towards the holy altar. We should aim to always incorporate the Trisagion into our personal prayers because in doing so we implore the mercies of the Holy Trinity into our lives. I would especially recommend the praying of the Trisagion especially during fast days.

Why Lent Matters

The world, it can be said, began anew with the Resurrection. Man, whose true nature had been disfigured after the Fall that had taken place in Eden, has now been restored. History now becomes sacred history– what the Church would call the Sixth Age of the World. Just as when we participate in the Liturgy, surrounded by the icons of saints and angels, we are no longer a part of profane time, but entering into a sacred time, the eternal time-beyond-time that exists with God. Likewise, when we participate in Lent, we are recovering those events which led to the sanctification of mankind which restored the human race to it’s Primordial condition and gave man a new and unique place in the cosmos.

The Domination

Imagine the defeated remnants of every war and revolution in Western history from the eighteenth century onward. These remnants, who fought to maintain their slave owning lifestyle or their position of nobility, have now been spirited away to a far off place where they manage to set up a colony in some remote part of the world, at the time untouched by civilization, surrounded on all sides by savage tribes.

The Brown Scare

America as well as Europe need to finally put the ghost of fascism to rest. Irreparable damage has already been dealt to both societies as the collective form of inherited guilt hanging over the heads of people who aren’t old enough to remember or had anything to do with the Second World War has allowed the rulers of their societies to be convinced into throwing open the borders of the nations of the West allowing for the settlement of people’s with such distinct cultures and incompatible views and lifestyles that any hope of assimilating them into Western society is immediately made impossible.

Concerning Nihilism: Overcoming the Black Pill

We need to understand that this is it, there is no going back, no running away. Life is a last stand and the cavalry isn’t coming around the hill to save us. Our duty is to hold on to the lost position, without hope of rescue or thought of surrender.