What is True Chastity?

“True chastity is not a perversion – for it involves, not the deflection of desire from its personal object, but either the overcoming of desire or the control of its overt expression. The unchaste soul may be unable to perform the sexual act. He may […] still live in the world of desire, motivated by […]

How Postmodernism pitted Western Academia against the Patriarchy

“For lack of a better creed, and presumably disappointed by the utter failure of their country’s short-lived and scattered Socialist and hippie experiments in the recent past, waves of American intellectuals, educators, and publicists presently seem to have found sanctuary in the “rebel” construction of [the] late French, postmodernist school. From philosophy to literary criticism, […]

Sex-Positivism and the Illusion of Consent

If to view heterosexuality as the standard sexual orientation is classified as “heteronormativity,” then why — by the very same token — should sex-positive feminists and liberals seek to impose a universal standard of female sexuality on all women, regardless of cultural, psychological, and physical preferences or inclinations?