Descartes and the Engine Heart

Descartes and the Engine Heart There is perhaps no better proof that Marxism has become our dominant culture than our commonly shared views on history. That is because most of us living in the West today seem totally convinced of what until recently was called “historical materialism,” the belief that all of history is entirely […]

Waiting for the Father

Waiting for the Father Whoever still claims that we are living under a “patriarchy” is probably unaware of the actual meaning of this term. Because patriarchy does not mean “a rule of men,” but a rule of fathers. And sadly, fathers have almost vanished from contemporary society. This does not suggest that modern men inevitably make for […]

Democracy’s Funeral

Democracy’s Funeral In 1939 “Der Schulungsbrief,” a monthly review of the Nazi party, published a Greek text: “Rede des Perikles,” Pericles’ Funeral Oration, a speech that was originally delivered in 431 BC by Athen’s elected leader, Pericles, in honor of those recently fallen during the first year of the city’s war against Sparta. The speech, […]

Who Created the British Underclass?

Who Created the British Underclass? “A SPECTRE IS haunting the Western world: the underclass.” So begins one of the most powerful critiques of modern degeneracy to ever reach the popular mind. Its author is the pseudonymous Theodore Dalrymple, whose life placed him in a position to observe the cultural decadence that is growing fast among […]

Tarantino & Euripides: The Last of the Tragics

Tarantino & Euripides: The Last of the Tragics “The true dramatist … shows us life under the conditions of art, not art in the form of life.”        – Oscar Wilde There’s no slur delivered more bitterly by the main characters of Quentin Tarantino’s last film – “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” […]

Escape from LΑ PUTA

Escape from LΑ PUTA Those who’ve read “Gulliver’s Travels” probably remember the story of Laputa, the floating island whose residents lived in strict accordance with the laws of mathematical reason. Those who haven’t, but know Spanish, can probably recognize something in the island’s name. Because when Jonathan Swift, the author of this bizarre and fantastic […]

Will Beauty Save the World? The Most Unlikely of Solutions

Will Beauty Save the World? The Most Unlikely of Solutions When asked by the BBC to create a film about Beauty, philosopher Roger Scruton began to imagine a parade of glorious artworks revealed in full splendor to the widest of audiences. But as he worked out his script, Scruton began to have doubts on whether […]

Dysgenics: Is Nietzsche’s nightmare our reality?

Dysgenics: Is Nietzsche’s nightmare our reality? “- Why so hard? Said one day the charcoal to the diamond, are we not near relatives?  – Why so soft? Oh my brethren, thus do I ask you. Why so quiet?” – Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra In 2006 a film was released by the name of “Idiocracy,” […]

Agenda 21 and the Conservative Revolution

Seen through this lens, Strauss offers a valuable sketch from a chapter that was practically omitted from European history. Because according to him, what the Allies tried to impose on Germany after it’s historic defeat in the 1rst World War, is what they were trying to impose on the whole world all along: a global state of enforced peace and commercial prosperity, where national differences would be resolved by supra-national entities similar to the British Commonwealth. At the same time, the values of individual citizens would be re-modelled through education to reflect those liberal principles on which this state rested. Only a generation ago, general von Moltke could quickly proclaim that “eternal peace is a dream, and not even a beautiful one.” Still, following Germany’s defeat, the international stage was set for the realization of that dream.