Hypnotic Revolution: BlackRock’s Monopoly as the Final Stage of Liberalism

Hypnotic Revolution: BlackRock’s Monopoly as the Final Stage of Liberalism BlackRock, the world’s largest multinational investment management corporation, rules the world with an iron fist under the mantle of liberalism. It has about $50 trillion worth of assets under its control in one form or another. It’s far more powerful than any government or alliance. […]

New Media and the Nature of a “Democratic Society:” Deflating the Myths

New Media and the Nature of a “Democratic Society:” Deflating the Myths Abstract: New Media refers to cell phones with the power of computers ten years ago, high-speed internet available anywhere without requiring a desktop computer, and rapid communications which can transfer not just voice files, but data of all sorts. Since the so-called Arab […]

Media-Generated Persecution Stories: Myths About “Innocent Muslims” in China and Burma

Media-Generated Persecution Stories: Myths About “Innocent Muslims” in China and Burma During China’s Cultural Revolution in the 1950s and 1960s, upwards of 30 million Chinese were killed in mass purges typical of socialist systems. Few know about this and “Maoists” are not socially penalized or stigmatized. While papering over Mao’s mass murders, western populations are […]

Alexander Dugin and COVID-19

Alexander Dugin and COVID-19 Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson looks at Dugin’s predictions and contrasts them with his own. Alexander Dugin wrote in April of 2020: “The outbreak of the Coronavirus epidemic has been a decisive moment in the destruction of the unipolar world and the collapse of globalization.” Dugin might be a little optimistic about the […]

Alexander Dugin and Political Platonism

Alexander Dugin and Political Platonism Matthew Raphael Johnson brings another broadcast on the misunderstood work of Alexander Dugin. Plato is the foundation of western thought and western religion. His work is the intellectual scaffolding of ancient Christianity. It is based around the idea of unity, or the truth as one. God is truth, beyond space […]

The Defeat of the White Army

The Defeat of the White Army 100 years ago, the White Army began its disintegration and eventual evacuation of Russia. On February 7, 1920, the White army leader Admiral Alexander Kolchak was captured and executed. At the same time, Yudenich’s army was evacuated from Estonia and his army disarmed and sent to concentration camps. March […]

On the Final Victory of the Taliban in Afghanistan

All told, the US is a picture of failure in Afghanistan and the Middle East. The Taliban have proven that they are a popular and legitimate government of Afghanistan. Their strict Islam is needed to rebuild a war-torn country where morality has collapsed. War destroys basic ethical thinking. The US cares only to protect Israel and maintain the flow of natural resources under American control. Importantly, its also to keep them out of any entity with connections to Russia, the ultimate anti-liberal, archetypal power.

Weapons of the Newly Powerless

In brief, the state cannot tell anyone who they can or can’t do business with except under very specific circumstances laid out in depth. The President can’t merely forbid entire countries, including his own, from trading anywhere since this is all private property. Sanctions must set out a reason, the nature of the trade itself described in detail and the affected objects connected with the stated purpose of the sanctions. Each object affected by the law has to be closely connected with the purpose of the sanctions. Since corporate America is legally more powerful than the Justice or Treasury Departments, companies usually can evade these without fear, though compliance costs might be absorbed as insurance.

Another USS Liberty?

Arrow Air flight 1285 crashed shortly after takeoff on December 12 1985. It was a charter plane full of US military personnel returning from a peacekeeping mission separating Egypt and Israel, that is, enforcing the Camp David Accords of 1978-1979. The crash killed all 248 soldiers (or 256) in Canada near Gander in Newfoundland. It left Cairo, Egypt, went to Cologne in Germany, then to Gander International Airport and it was supposed to land at Fort Campbell, KY. It was most likely the result of a Mossad hit squad.

The Orthodox Nationalist: Some Clarifications in Orthodox Theology

This week’s broadcast Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson clarifies and expounds on some of the points made in previous broadcasts on theology. week. These are some of the most fundamental issues man can face, so dealing with them is a delicate project. Rarely are these basic issues dealt with properly and rationally.

The Orthodox Nationalist: The Emperor Justinian, Part II

Justinian re-established and reformed Roman power. His great claim in this regard was in his internal policy, especially in his codification of older Roman laws adapted to the realities of the Christian era. Ultimately, after many years, the Corpus Juris Civilis was published, serving as the font for all European law afterwards.

The Orthodox Nationalist: The Emperor Justinian

The zenith of the Byzantine Empire was in the middle of the 6th century during the reign of the great Emperor Justinian (527-565). The internal consolidation of the state was his first order of business and from that, his agenda could be launched. Justinian’s focus was to restore the Roman Empire in the west, that had been in a state of anarchy for several centuries. He wanted to strengthen domestic law, and sought to make Byzantium the successor of Rome as it had been meant to be, and in the process, ruling all Europe and a unified Christendom.