The Orthodox Nationalist: Christ and Christianity Are Greek

The thesis of this lecture-broadcast is that Christ was culturally a Greek. He abandoned the profoundly corrupt Jewish ruling class and broke with their legal provisions. He followed in the footsteps of the prophets in siding with those who would destroy this hegemony, the Romans.

The Orthodox Nationalist: The Vietnam War

Like everything, the level of disinformation on the War in Vietnam has reached crisis proportions. As the US military are venerated like gods in the US so long as the war is against nationalists, when the war is with communists, suddenly they’re “baby killers.” Yet, name calling isn’t the end. The US lost the war due to deliberate incompetence, ideological myopia and an institutionalized lack of will.

The Orthodox Nationalist: Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s Political Theory Part 2

This broadcast is the second part of the initial show two weeks ago and begins where that left off. It’s an analysis of the political ideas of Solzhenitsyn from the point of view of three works, One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich (1963), The Cancer Ward and The First Circle, both published in English in 1968.

The Orthodox Nationalist: A New Look at the Armenian Earthquake of 1988

There is good reason to believe this was a test of another seismic weapon, the testing of which is banned by the UN but who’s existence was well known among specialists. The US was testing these weapons in the Pacific, while the Soviets were using the far east, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia. The ferocity of the quake was far greater than anticipated, but it did unify the USSR, distracted the world from Chernobyl and Afghanistan, and brought Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia together, if only for a short time. Further, the Soviets received billions in aid from the west.

The Orthodox Nationalist: Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s Political Theory Part 1

The American academic world has been hostile to Solzhenitsyn for his anti-communism and Russian nationalism. Most reviews of his political works have been hostile or seek to make a “liberal” out of him, a common tactic. His social and political theory revolves around the dialectic between freedom and the state. The state here isn’t just any coercive power, but a state that derives from the Enlightenment, the mind of science and the belief that man can dominate nature for “his” benefit.

Podcast on General Alexander Lebed (1950-2010)

Officially banned from Facebook. Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson hosts a podcast talking about recent history in Russia, beginning in the nineties and concentrating on General Alexander Lebed (1950-2002).

Michel Foucault and the Legislation of Reality:

Michel Foucault is one of the best known anti-structuralists – sometimes known as postmodernists – in both history and philosophy. Poststructuralism is primarily concerned with power in that nothing, not science, not music, not medicine, is bereft of power relations. Every socially significant object exists because its fought a Darwinian war for primacy and won. Because of this, everything is the result of coercion of some type.
Their great weakness is their solipsism. They cannot turn their own method against themselves. The fact that the world’s most prestigious universities and old money foundations have spent billions on this movement suggests that they too are the creation and manifestation of power. Jean Baudrillard said as much about him, yet the pot and kettle are both black. It is difficult to consider a wealthy professor, driving around town in a jaguar, as an “outsider.” Yet, Freshmen are told to think just this every semester.

The Political Sociology of Mass Society

Liberals are at the root of military worship. This makes perfect sense. While a few elderly vets think the military is a conservative institution, younger right-wingers know better. At the same time, younger liberals, not socialized in the same post-Vietnam anti-military world I was, see the military as their personal bodyguard, removing Islamic or nationalist governments and installing liberal, capitalist and feminist ones instead.

Limping Towards the Redpill:

One of the truths of the Redpill is the simple fact that the “nice guy” or a Beta will get the girl by virtue of this very fact. In a way, the Beta mind is a threat since, after a certain amount of time being nice, he then expects – or thinks he’s owed – attention from women. Even more, that this man loses in the romantic world because he seeks attention and approval. That a man will require the approval of a woman makes him look weak.

Church, State and Rhetoric in the Political Thinking of Orestes Brownson

While incorrect on the nature of the Confederate secession, he was right on southern virtues and the results of the Civil War. His primary concern was natural law, not specific political agendas. While opposed to slavery with great vehemence, he loathed the notion of immediate slave emancipation without land or education.

Scattered Thoughts on Ivan Solonevich and His Conception of the Russian Monarchy

Ivan Solonevich (1891-1953) is one of the least appreciated of the Russian emigre writers. This group is little known among Americans since they fought an empire that the American elite did not oppose. An inmate of the GULag, Solonevich wrote on camp life before Solzhenitsyn. He argued that the camp was just a mini-USSR. The camp was the utopia of the Soviet ruling class.

Defending the New Aristocracy:

America is a matriarchy. The privileges that women, especially attractive women, possess today are unique in world history. One of the hundreds of proofs of this fact is the very existence of the Violence Against Women Act of 1994, or VAWA. It is the utter zenith of the feminist movement. As might be expected, it was achieved through rank dishonesty and fraud. It is Title IV, sec. 40001-40703 of the “Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act.” This means it was part of a much larger bill and thus was never debated as a separate law. Also, given that the law is over 2000 pages, no politician read it. The law itself is highly technical and is not readily understandable by most citizens. Making matters worse, the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings forbade any anti-VAWA witness to speak. Politicians had no idea what they were voting on and the available information was tightly controlled.
It is nothing short of the paramount consummation of female rule in America.