Prometheism – a Libertarian Religion

A Book Review of Prometheism by Jason Reza Jorjani, from Akrtos Media Ltd Just as Prometheus rebelled against the immortal and powerful gods of the Olympic pantheon, so too Jason Reza Jorjani proposes that we rebel against the super-powerful big-technocratic elites of our day, lest they develop an unprecedented and, as yet, unimaginable level of […]

How to Define “the Right”

How to Define “the Right” The Distributist is a fascinating Youtube channel.  I cannot recommend enough the systematic and deeply intuitive, insightful way with which this influencer analyses political thought on the left and right, and even cultural phenomena such as the horror genre.  I was so struck by this thinker’s development of a nine-point […]

What Exactly Is Wrong with Modernity?

What Exactly Is Wrong with Modernity? We live in a very artificial world.  I am not just criticising the plastic, disposable consumer culture that we, and most especially modern women, are absorbed by.  Although, that is as good a place as any to begin unmasking the true face of modernity. We have become atomised economic […]