The Half-life and After-life of Postmodernism

[Editors Note: This article was originally published as a series of five separate articles between the months of January and February 2018 at The following is an abridged and heavily edited version complete with footnotes explaining the changes made from the original text.]  –Lukas Eidolon, Managing Editor. It is amusing that Postmodernism today has become […]

A Call for a Techno-Conservative Counter-Revolution

If Facebook likes and retweets are one-night stands, disposable and uncomplicated stories that are quickly replaced by new, more exciting counterparts—then books are long relationships that make a lasting imprint. It takes a while before you really get to know the other party, and when it’s over you may feel empty but also happy that you found each other. You may even have a new view of the world. Patience lies in the very nature of the matter.

Punish the Flesh

The flesh must be constantly disciplined, groomed and restrained, for the purpose of keeping pudginess and distractions at bay. Militant Strength Culture is part of this and is an important addition, especially for the Postmodern specimen, which seldom puts physical effort into their daily life.