Before delving into this text, the reader would do well to familiarize himself with the old Chinese dictum of zhi lu wei ma, or “calling a deer a horse”.

The story goes that the Vizier, Zhao Gao, sought to unseat the Emperor Huhai (whom he had installed on the throne), but wanted to test his power, or humiliate the Emperor or whatever. The reasons aren’t important.

To test his competence, Zhao Gao dragged a deer by the antlers into the Emperor’s court and claimed the deer was a horse – and a gift for the Emperor no less. The story goes that the Emperor, believing Zhao Gao to be a man of great wisdom, trusted him completely and agreed that the deer was indeed a horse. Many ministers, fearing to disagree with the Emperor, claimed that the deer was a horse as well. And so, proving Huhai to be an incompetent, Zhao Gao eventually got rid of him and installed a new one who was more to his liking.

Bullshit is therefore useful to any ruling orthodoxy to root out possible dissidents. Every regime will require its functionaries and yesmen to “call a deer a horse”, or call the Holodomor “prosperity,” or more to the point call Bruce Jenner a woman – and a stunning and brave woman at that. It’s not affirming that Bruce is a lady, it’s that by claiming that he’s a lady signals to all the right-thinking people that you’re a Good Goy; whereas counter-signaling makes you a Bad Guy, an unwashed prole who engages in wrongthink, hates minorities, rapes women, performs conversion therapy on homosexuals and whose feet stink. I mean, wow. Just. Wow.

Bigger brains than me (Spandrell, Ron Unz, Steve Sailer etc.) have tackled the issue, but let’s see if the ancient Chinese art of repeating state sanctioned bullshit can help us explain another phenomenon.

Imagine, if you will, that the ruling elites require you to point at a deer and call it a horse. Fair enough. When the elites are unquestioned and secure in their power, a little self-serving bullshit never hurt anybody. But imagine if you will, that the elites are in a bad spot. Their position is not secure, that they cannot address all threats to their power and there are serious questions with regards as to why we haven’t hanged the bastards yet. Would you point at a deer and call it a horse like they want you to? What’s the point of being in the elite’s good graces if the winds of change could sweep in and knock them down on their fat asses? You better damn well not call it a horse just in case the elites of tomorrow remember that you repeated the same bullshit of the old elite.

However, calling a deer a deer isn’t the logical course of action here. See, the elite still don’t like people pointing out that their gift horse is a deer and can still give you no end of trouble for pointing it out. On the other hand, if you want to be a leader of the grumbling masses, well, you can’t exactly call it a horse now can you? The masses no longer believe the official bullshit.

Well in that case, point a deer and call it a donkey, silly.

Suddenly, the masses are rallying around you. This guy here says that what the elites say is a horse is actually not a horse, but a donkey! Huzzah! He’s sticking it to the man! Now, the elites might not like your doubt of the Official Doctrine but they’ve got their hands full with people running around claiming that the deer is a deer.

So they’ll deal with you… later.

…or keep you around as token opposition. They’re managing their own decline, after all.

The good ole days when all the proles called a deer a horse like good little slaves are gone, but they can at least last a few more years allowing you to call a deer a donkey; serving as a release valve for the plebes’ libidinal energies, especially if you take into consideration that a horse is more similar to a donkey than it is to a deer.

So, here we have a recipe for success – especially on the personal level. This civilization is of course, doomed. But given that we’ve now taken to plowing our fields and carting our goods with deer, hey, at least you can make some serious moolah by claiming “not-deer” to please the elite and “not-horse” to appease the grumblers. At this point you’ve hit the jackpot. You’re both safe and edgy. Stickin’ it to the man while being the man. What a way to be.

This would be pointing at Bruce Jenner and calling a tranny a brave and stunning woman. Or in other words, tacitly approve of modernity and all its degeneracies, but refrain from using those ole’ silly gender pronouns. Also, the Logos or some shit, but not God in the Christian sense. No, it’s… erm… useful to behave as if God existed. Also, Israel is our greatest ally and Identitarianism is deplorable and literally Hitler.

What? Deer?! Nonsense! It’s clearly a donkey, now clean your room, bucko!

Yeah, I’m taking the piss out of Jordan Peterson here. But overall this also applies to all the Alt-Lite, cuckservative, lolbertarian, Classical liberals™ and other sordid characters who refuse to call the damned deer a deer.

Now, far be it from me (being a lawyer) to advocate radical honesty. I know first hand the towering mound of bullshit which saves us from degenerating into a Mad Max style dystopia. However, when you’ve decided to pull carts and plows with deer and your light cavalry brigades ride in all their flamboyant glory astride majestic stags,

yeah… we have a problem.

And the problem is you call a deer a fucking deer and that calling it a donkey doesn’t solve the problem of deer-drawn carts. Nothing short of calling the deer a deer will make things right. Half-truths are half lies and all lies take a toll.

And thing about lies is that sometimes they take the highest toll.

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