A Re-imagining of the US Constitution

  Preface While I am not enamored of the modern western secular state, it stands to reason there are some changes that could be made to curtail its involvement in the demographic destruction of the United States which was originally intended to be a European, if not primarily Anglophone/British nation. The structure in the modern […]

Political Sedevacantism

As of the time I am putting these words to a Microsoft Word document, it has already been four months since Joe Biden has occupied the Oval Office. Admittedly, the Biden presidency has not been as destructive as I had first imagined, and thankfully, as long as his body is still warm, the insipid carcass […]

Right Is Not Wrong

Right Is Not Wrong      Let us start by considering, if you will, the word ‘countercultural’ and what it means. What do you think of straight away when you imagine a counterculture (or THE Counterculture rather, as it is usually associated with something quite specific in particular despite the general definition which could apply to […]

The Task of a Philosopher

The Task of a Philosopher What passes for ‘Philosophy’ today is logic acting as the handmaiden of various uprooted sciences that are utterly lacking in the capacity for self-reflection. The various empirical sciences have disintegrated from out of Philosophy, to the point where Philosophy as a distinct discipline has been misconstrued as an analysis of […]

Suprasensible Intuition

  Suprasensible Intuition </h2 > I intend here to return to my renovation of Platonism—and to confront some classical arguments in favor of God’s existence, then present how my claims on God and on the supraworldly realm are corroborated by cosmic evolution. I will also deal with the issue of apodicticity in mathematical knowledge—and in […]

How Coronavirus Took Over the World

How Coronavirus Took Over the World The lexicon of mendacious government platitudes has gained another ignominious entry. “Just three weeks to flatten the curve!” they implored, one long year ago. Yet after twelve months of authoritarianism and state-enforced solitude, SWAT teams are swooping in to arrest Miami spring break revellers. That led to lockdown protests […]

Left and Right are Two Eternally Opposed Concepts

Left and Right are Two Eternally Opposed Concepts By Romain d’Aspremont, author of The Promethean Right: Why the Right is Losing the Battle of Ideas and What its Revitalization Must Look Like Two transhumanism types are competing: a healthy (rightwing) one and a sickly (leftwing) one. This struggle is not specific to transhumanism. It has […]

Demographic Dilemmas

Demographic Dilemmas Demographic Dilemmas   The inability of the right to make inroads against an incompetent left is merely part of a broader picture: their failure to reckon with the consequences of the mass demographic changes they have helped unleash. If you are like me, you may have occasionally pondered one of the more confounding […]

The Shape of things to Come

The Shape of things to Come Well, three months into 2021 and it looks like the new year is already promising to be a continuation of the catastrophe that was 2020. On January 6th, pro-Trump protestors occupied the U.S. Capitol building, driving the warmongering parasitic sycophants that had taken up residence there back into the […]

Eliminating Pain

Eliminating Pain In the field of Hedonics, the philosophy of negative valence experiences like pain, suffering, depression, anxiety, loss (or quite simply just the philosophy of pain) is as much of an exciting talking point as the philosophy of positive valence experiences like happiness, pleasure, novelty, meaning, fulfilment and mystical ecstasy (or similarly, just the […]

What is the Wim Hof Method?

What is the Wim Hof Method? If one were to survey a cross-section of people arriving at Wim Hof’s methods, it would appear that a substantial number of such people approach Hof’s exercises and techniques intending to manage anxiety and depression, two conditions which are unfortunately quite common within the more affluent and developed world. Whether […]

Why Not Christ

Why not Christ A recent review of Prometheism has become an opportunity for me to address the question of Christianity head on, in a decisive and definitive manner. Richard (Rik) Storey’s review, “Prometheism – A Libertarian Religion”, published in The Warden Post on January 30th of 2021, is so superficial that it really does not […]