Heavy Metal: The Heroic Cult

In a scene where the motto is “Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll“, which makes it appear that this fruit of modernity will jump into the abyss like everyone else, an interesting phenomenon arises. Heavy Metal remains a bastion in counterpoint to other mainstream music styles that are completely degenerate. It is possible to find in Metal several teachings that evoke the righteous values of Western society. Heavy Metal is Richard Wagner translated into a more simplified style.

“When the foundations of our existence
Begins to crumble one by one
And legislation protect its breakers
And he who was wrong but paid the most won

Even the gods of countless religions
Holds no powers against this tide
Of degeneration, because we have now found
That there are no thrones up there in the sky

Run this fire
It will burn your very soul
It’s flames reaching higher
Come this far there is no hold

O, all small creatures
It is the twilight of the gods”
– Twilight Of The Gods, Bathory

The entire Heavy Metal is imbued with conservative, traditional and heroic aesthetics values that are tied to Western thought. Although the artists of some bands possess political positions inclined to the Left Wing spectrum, the Metal is inevitable Right Wing. Metal emphasizes themes of conquest, self-overcoming, strength and conflict. Thus, since the primary value of the Left is Equality, the primary value of the Right is the Hierarchy. The themes that inspire Metal are songs about the glorious European past. The songs rhapsodize about kings, journeys, adventures, epic battles, conquests, heroes, sacrifice and honor, with inspirations from the Matter of Britain and the Arthurian Cycle, the Nordic Sagas, Mythology, Classical and Medieval History and also Christianity. While the leftists have John Lennon’s Imagine utopian song, where everything is horizontal, without heaven, without nations, without history, in short, a void where there is nothing of value that deserves to be defended, Metal provides songs about battles fought on behalf of values that are still worth killing or dying for.

“To defend, to commend the holy war
Mater Maria
To the end we will stand, we are fighting for
Deus in Regnum!

Brother sin, believe in sword
Tonights of blood and thunder
Strike for glory and reward
We came to kill and plunder

Cantus Lupus: In the Name of God!
Agnus Christus: In the Name of God!
Sanctus Lupus: In the Name of God!

In the Name of God, we go to heaven”
– In the Name of God, Powerwolf

The very aesthetics of heavy metal composition does not allow that there is room for creating something that evokes futile egalitarianism of modernity. Metal requires effort and overcoming. The melodies are created from studies and true artistic talent. This in itself already demonstrates that it is necessary to get out of the ordinary and go in search of something that stands out. It’s a genre that requires Verticality, advancement, an overcoming path, not Horizontality where everything has the same value. There is complexity in Metal, both in the melody and in the lyrics. Metal is lyrical, it is poetry, it is art. If in classical music we have The Ring of Nibelung by Richard Wagner, in Metal we have The Saga of the Emerald Sword by Rhapsody of Fire.

“Only a warrior with a clear heart
Could have the honor to be kissed by the sun
Yes, I’m that warrior I followed my way
Led by the force of cosmic soul I can reach the sword
On the way to the glory I’ll honor my sword
To serve right ideals and justice for all

For the king for the land for the mountains
For the green valleys where dragons fly
For the glory the power to win the black lord
I will search for the emerald sword”
– Emerald Sword, Rhapsody of Fire

Metal can be compared to old European musical styles. If in ancient Greece there was the Rhapsodist, the Bard among the Celts, the skáld among German, troubadours from Portugal, today we have Metal. The essence is the same: epic poetic songs with popular themes of European history. Metal also incorporates influences from European traditional music with traditional instruments such as flutes, bagpipes, accordion, nyckelharpa, hurdy-gurdy, violin etc. It is because of all this heroic and traditional influence that it is almost impossible to create Metal without values that refer to the West. In order to be completely disconnected from this, it is necessary to reach another extreme, such as Glam Metal, in which the members practically crossdress themselves, using female hairstyle and makeup, adopting a completely feminine posture, in order to be able to create a song that involved themes related to promiscuity and degeneration. Otherwise, weakness does not match Metal.

“Cannonballs are coming down from the sky
Janissaries are you ready to die?
We will seek our vengeance eye for an eye

You’ll be stopped on the steps of our gate
On this field, you’re only facing our hate
But back home the sultan’s sealing your fate

We remember
In September
That’s the night Vienna was freed
We made the enemy bleed!

And the Winged Hussars arrived!
(Storm clouds fire and steel
Death from above made the enemy kneel)
Coming down the mountainside
(Fighting power and grace
Death from above it’s an army of wings)”
– Winged Hussars, Sabaton

Finally, Metal today plays a fundamental role in the Renaissance of European culture. It’s because of it that the essence of Western music and values survives in a popular format. The audience of Heavy Metal is mainly formed by whites because this is the musical style that has more proximity to the European values. While Pop Music has a totally cosmopolitan, international, materialistic, mercantile and modern culture, Metal is based on localism, with bands arising in small towns, reaching fans little by little, with community feeling and common identification. It is a genre that promotes Fraternity. There will hardly be any band that will sing for peace, surrender, humility, tolerance and empathy. The very aesthetics of Metal does not allow it. It is about Blood and Glory; Honor and Victory; The Heroic Cult. Metal is aristocratic and nothing else.

“Swords in their hands they killed each and every man
Who dared to invade their sacred land
Victory Songs are rising in the night
Telling all of their undying strength and might”

Arrows are raining from the sky
As brothers fight side by side
Were outnumbered
But our destiny is to win!

Fight! With the rage of a bear!
Defend! Our homeland!
Crush! Every enemy!
And seal our victory!”
– Victory Song, Ensiferum

Bertram Schweickert

Historian, Traditionalist and Aristocrat, follower of the Old Ways. He's also publisher and editor-in-chief of Legião Identitária, a identitarian Think Thank based in South Region, Brazil. Main influences are Dominique Venner, Oswald Spengler and Guillaume Faye.

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