Warning: Since part of this paper deals with the rape of young boys by the Afghan National Army (ANA) and local police, some very harsh language is used. It’s not for the weak.

Back in 2010, a man claiming to be a Taliban commander entered into negotiations with the US and the Afghan government. He was given a substantial amount of money to remain at the negotiating table. He claimed to be Mullah Akhtar Muhammad Mansour, the man the west says is second in command of the Taliban. They were totally fooled. The man was an impostor. No one is entirely sure who he is, and even the New York Times has no idea how the US was sure it was not Mansour. “The Taliban are cleverer than the Americans and our own intelligence service,” said a senior Afghan official. “They are playing games,” the Times reports. The ruse lasted for days if not weeks. The Guardian’s article on the talks with the fake Taliban commander feature pompous pronouncements by “experts” on the Taliban – all on a fake Taliban negotiator.

What does this tell us? It tells us that after almost a decade, the US has no idea who the Taliban are or what they’re about. While book after book has been published about them, apparently, no one knows anything. How can anything the US says about the Taliban ever be trusted? It tells us that American intelligence in Afghanistan is worse than a joke, and this is why the US has lost the war so badly. Even after being so badly fooled, the US was begging the man to return, at least so his identity can be verified. They still think it might be he. This is the level of knowledge the US is dealing with on the ground there – after almost 10 years.

The entire fraud of this war was based on the premise that Osama bin-Laden masterminded the 9-11 attacks. This has been refuted over and over again from sources all over the political spectrum. Then, it assumes that the Taliban and Osama were allies and that they had command over him. Bush demanded that they “hand over” Osama or face invasion. We’re to believe that the Taliban invited a massive western bombing attack to save Osama, a rival of their state and a general opponent. Conveniently, a month or so later, a “tape” appears that shows Osama “admitting” to the attacks. It was a poorly made fake. The man in the tape was a right-handed, heavy man with facial features vaguely like that of the al-Qaeda leader, and he uses false quotes from the Quran to justify the “coming” attacks. This seasoned, intelligent terror leader would record himself talking about a coming attack on the USA. This was the best the Regime could do.

Unsurprisingly, on October 5, the New York Times, hardly a reliable source of news, reported that the US was back in surrender negotiations with the Taliban in Pakistan. This was humiliating to the corrupt regime in Kabul, which was taken directly out of any talks, showing the level of respect the Americans have for the government they created. In a display of bravado, Trump canceled further negotiations when the Islamic Emirate launched an offensive to take back the country from the puppet government in Kabul. The Times writes:

The meeting in recent days in Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad, between Taliban officials and the American diplomat, Zalmay Khalilzad, came after a surge in bloodshed. The Taliban had spent days concentrating attacks across the country before last week’s Afghan presidential election, in an effort to derail the electoral process and keep voters from the polls.

This offensive was to retake the country and only partly to stall the “elections,” which are arranged and financed by the US, proving their total lack of legitimacy. The US attempted to talk India into sending men into the country, but they wisely declined. The US pays for the election expenses of the candidates, chooses them and directs their policies. The Taliban remains the only indigenous, legitimate government of the country.

The elections are a sham. Voting only occurred in cities that the Kabul regime controls. No voting occurred in the countryside. The polling stations that actually worked were closed due to the lack of technical ability, the complexity of the process or logistical problems. The Taliban are correct in condemning these absurdities.

The US has refused to talk about its future plans that have cost the cash-strapped United States a trillion dollars for no reason (and its much higher when ancillary costs are included). The puppet Afghan government, one that couldn’t stand for five minutes without American aid and protection, is opposed to further surrender negotiations for obvious reasons, but specific members of that government are not.

The Times noted, “Gen. Austin S. Miller, the commander of the American-led mission in Afghanistan, was in Islamabad at the time of the meeting, Mr. Agha said, but it was unclear whether he attended.” Then why would he be in Islamabad at the same time? Tourism? Of course he was there, these are withdrawal negotiations, another term for surrender. They cannot reveal this lest morale get even lower than it is.

Contrary to American myth, the Taliban do wear uniforms, giving them protections under the rules of war. The US propaganda machine mocked the Pakistani-made uniforms, calling them “punk rock” outfits. They are a black t-shirt depicting two pistols and camouflage pants. Why these deserve mockery while the ANA is usually strung out on heroin is anyone’s guess. The ANA are the true punk rockers of the area, going by the typical stereotype. On the other hand, local Taliban in Afghanistan wear simple camouflage. Another myth is that they are being trained by Iran, but, since the Taliban are Sunni, this is highly unlikely. The US is utterly obsessed with trying to tie Iran into anything they feel is negative.

From one account, the Afghan government has lost over 45,000 men over the last five years. This includes Americans that, of course, have hidden their own casualty numbers. The Islamic Emirate (Taliban) stated:

Some independent media outlets and international observers have reported that the Kabul regime under Ashraf Ghani has lost more than twenty five percent of it’s force strength and continues to lose an average 250 soldiers per week. One has to bare in mind that these are conservative estimates because the regime has taken measures to hide true casualty toll due to the adverse effect it have on the morale of its forces who are already stretched thin and living in dire conditions.

The occupation army and its mercenaries are demoralized and its getting worse. Its now fighting a defensive war with the Taliban on the offensive. American and ANA soldiers are not capable of dealing with the experienced, disciplined and well trained Taliban units. As the American infantry knows well, they will be leaving soon anyway, so why bother rising death?The ANA usually just deserts.

The military and police under US control are normally on various drugs and have no idea how to fight, according to US military authorities. Many American casualties come from drugged-out ANA “soldiers.” They shoot blindly at random people due to hallucinations, both as a result of and withdrawal from, drugs. Most American advisers have given up on these characters. Heroin use is endemic. They force local children to fill sandbags and do the unpleasant work on their military bases. Often, entire police forces desert to the Taliban. The Emirate says,

The American invaders have poured billions of taxpayer money to prop up the Kabul administration security forces yet the current combat operations in Afghanistan continue to be run by the Americans due to regime incompetency. The military leadership of Kabul is merely used for media manipulation while the real reins of this war are with the Americans who run the show behind the curtains. Recently, many American special operations forces personnel have been killed by the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan across Afghanistan which proves the high level of the American military involvement in the battles against [the] Mujaheddin.

Civilian causalities are caused by the “scorched earth” policies of US air attacks that are the only thing keeping the Afghan government soldiers from being totally slaughtered. Its also the cause of very high civilian casualties. When foreign ambassadors visit the bases, they’re lied to and given glowing reports about progress on the ground. These lies are the basis of American policy.

The Emirate says

The myth of the strength of the [Afghan] regime commandos/special forces has been shattered as entire companies have been wiped out in single strokes of Mujaheddin brilliance. The Mujaheddin on the other hand fight with strong resolve and determination to rid their homeland of the invaders and cleanse it from the prevalent corruption. The Mujaheddin are fighting for a clear cause of while the regime soldiers are fighting for their monthly salary.

Unlike the US created “ISIS” boogeyman, the Taliban’s English can be very poor, but the point is clear. At the end of 2016, the Afghan Mujaheddin released casualty figures the Americans refuse to accept. As always, US casualties are far higher than reported. The Taliban suffered about six percent of the casualties of the US. This is because they are on the offensive, experienced, have high morale and a clear mission. They report further:

Below we present a few statistics of attacks during the Jihad in 2016, enemy losses and other interesting figures which have been collected and calculated using accurate information.
A total of 9,153 small and large attacks were carried out by Mujaheddin against enemy forces in the year 2016;
Martyrdom operations [presumably suicide missions] made up 32 of these attacks;
266 foreign invaders were killed and another 135 injured by these attacks;
Due to the fact that the Kabul administration police, army and intelligence personnel are used as a shield for the Americans and stand at the forefront of battles against the Mujaheddin hence they faced the most losses of anyone including 17,539 army, police, intelligence and Arbakis killed and 11,272 wounded;
During this period 3,427 enemy vehicles (APCs and Ranger pickup trucks) were destroyed;
28 enemy aircraft were also destroyed throughout the country last year including 14 helicopters, 10 UAVs, 2 fighter jets and 2 large logistic airplanes.

– Spokesman of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan,

Zabihullah Mujahid

The Taliban’s policy and goals were laid out back in 2019 during a speech at the Moscow Peace Conference. One of the things the delegation said was that they don’t seek “exclusive rule,” but will share power with other Islamic parties and movements in the country. They are not dictators and seek a consensus government for rebuilding, which they will need:

The current constitution of Kabul Administration is not reliable, because it has been copied from the West and has been imposed on Afghanistan’s Muslim society under the shadow of occupation. It can neither respond to the desires of the Afghans nor can be implemented, as its provisions are vague and contradictory with each other. It is constantly being violated by the high ranking officials of the Kabul Administration; rather the current administration itself is contrary to the constitution. So, the current constitution in its present version is a major obstacle to peace.

In this they are certainly correct. The 2004 Constitution makes the country officially Islamic, but it also claims that it will adhere to the UN Declaration of Human Rights, thereby undermining that, making them a secular, liberal country. It also makes the central bank “independent” of the state, or the property of western financiers, though, as it stands now, with profits at a low ebb.

The delegation also made this critical point:

During the overt reign [meaning their exclusive rule prior to the US invasion] of the Islamic Emirate, poppy cultivation had been reduced to zero and the number of heroin addicts among the Afghans was absolutely equal to none. However, after the US invasion in Afghanistan, poppy cultivated land area has reached 328,000 hectares [around 811,000 acres, or 1,265 square miles], and now under the shadow of 17 years of the occupation, the number of addicts has increased to three million people.
According to the UN Counter-Narcotics Organization report, the production of narcotics has increased by 87% and its cultivation by 63% in 2017, by which the scale of produced narcotics has reached 9,000 metric tons. The policy of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is to prevent poppy cultivation and drug trafficking. If the war ends in Afghanistan, then the Islamic Emirate is determined to reduce poppy cultivation and drug trafficking to zero throughout the country, and in this regard it is ready to provide support and to coordinate with the neighboring countries and international organizations.

One of the proofs that reporting on Afghanistan is pure propaganda is the constant insistence that Taliban are “financed by drug money.” The Cato Institute’s Ted Galen Carpenter in 2002 makes the non-cited claim that someone in Tajikistan says the heroin from Afghanistan was increasing. He doesn’t give a year, meaning it could be after 2001. And beside that, no one is entirely sure why heroin would be going to Tajikistan in the first place. Carpenter is an opponent of the war on drugs (such as it is) and dislikes the idea that any government can successfully carry one out. Given that the initial fatwa is still in effect, any member of the group caught having anything to do with that trade will be executed. In this regard too, the Taliban made it clear that the punishments for inflicting civilian casualties are severe.

Often, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has postponed its military operations due to the risk of civilian causalities, but the Americans and their friends carry out night raids on civilian houses, make blind bombardments and use heavy weapons in civilian places, even they arrest people from cities on the basis of suspicion and then kill them under punishment and torture. Now, with the new American policy, bombardment and night raids have further increased which in turn has increased the graph of civilian casualties as well; albeit most of the media do not publish these reports and these incidents remain non-registered. Some media outlets and some directions attempt to hide the original perpetrators of civilian casualties which further embolden the perpetrators to continue their crimes.

Since the Emirate seeks popular support, this is very believable. They have nothing to gain by risking civilian deaths. On the other hand, the west has nothing to lose. The Taliban’s strict Islam makes killing Muslims unnecessarily a severe crime. This is why they condemned the 9-11 attack the day it occurred. They certainly never thought Osama had anything to do with the attack, since he was near death in Pakistan, but the two groups had long been opponents, if not enemies.

The US have to pull out of the country in defeat and the regime in Kabul has zero legitimacy. The Taliban have stated elsewhere:

Meanwhile the political tensions and squabbling inside the [Kabul] regime has also pushed the crisis to another level. The resignation of Ashraf Ghani’s National Security Advisor, Hanif Atmar, followed by the resignation letters of the Minister of Interior, Minister of Defense and Chief of Intelligence has exposed the deep schisms gripping the Kabul based administration, speeding up the drivers behind imminent collapse.

The previous months saw a decision by American forces and compliance of their stooges to pull out all forces from rural areas of Afghanistan and focus on strengthening the defenses of major cities in order to control the record number of casualties. But the recent killings of one of the most important military commanders, Azizullah Karwan, as well as the killings of General Zalmai Wardak and two pilots inside Kabul city clearly show that the enemy security measures have also failed inside cities where they are unable to even prevent the assassinations of key figures.

As the US draws down, Kabul is already showing signs of extreme strain. The withdrawal is being done in a way so that face is saved. Rather than pull troops out, the US is not sending men back once their tours are up. As far as Kabul is concerned, defections to the Taliban are regular because, at least, of the fear of later reprisals. Without legitimacy or the support of the population, this will likely continue. Local media have also reported the discovery of wine and harder alcohol in several cities under the Kabul regime, showing these men to be non-Islamic and profiting from the drunkenness of the exhausted population. Little can be more indicative than the discovery of yet another intoxicant peddled by the US-backed regime.

Recently, the Secretary of Defense Mark Esper did some face saving of his own. Most questions during his press convergence were dodged, but he said:

Well, again, I don’t want to get ahead of the State Department because they have the lead on this. But you know what the process was before, that there would be an agreement between the United States and the Taliban. And in terms of the conditions base moving forward, a principal condition, an early condition would be also an agreement between the Taliban and the government of Afghanistan.

Apparently, the Secretary knows nothing about the politics of Afghanistan. The government of Afghanistan will not speak to the Taliban and the feeling is mutual. This won’t happen, so its not a “condition” of the drawing down of US troops. He did actually say, “And then with regard to a withdraw of forces, as we’ve always said, that it’ll be conditions based, but we’re confident that we can go down to 8,600 without affecting our C.T. [counter terrorism] operations, if you will.” He can’t be this misinformed. He’s well aware that this comic army couldn’t do anything against the Emirate’s forces. If anything this force will be involved with training the ANA.

The Israeli angle is clear too, according to the Emirate

In the closing days of January 2017, an Israeli defense magazine revealed a provocative secret by publishing that Israeli drones are playing a crucial role under the emblem of NATO’s Resolute Support mission inside Afghanistan by relentlessly killing the innocent Afghan people on the daily basis. Though it was a deeply embarrassing and humiliating discovery for the stooge heterogeneous setup but they did not bother at least to clarify the situation as they could not dare to react on this felony or aggression against their foreign masters.

Its been speculated that Israel is already trying to gain allies in Afghanistan as the US pulls out. Jewish interests want to be a part of the post-war reconstruction. This is highly unlikely, but money talks after all. It would be a shock to see Tel Aviv accepting the Taliban as the legitimate government of that country, especially since they had no diplomatic relations prior to this. The establishment MEI writes, concerning the withdrawal of troops:

President Ashraf Ghani has yet to pass judgment on the pending accord. But many in Kabul insist that the Taliban have not changed their colors and cannot be trusted. They see the agreement as a surrender and betrayal by the Americans, and fear that once the American forces have left the insurgents will move to seize power and install an Islamic emirate. There are disturbing indications that some Afghan power brokers are already exploring with the Taliban ways to secure their interests within a new regime.

This is what defeat looks like. “Power brokers” are being very nice to the Taliban knowing they soon will have to live under them. The Kabul government is at least honest in calling the “peace accords” a surrender, which it certainly is. As it stands, the Taliban have agreed to not attack US troops as they flee the country. However, they also stated that they will not cease fighting until the last foreign soldier is removed from the country. This seems to be just a matter of time. The absurd 8500 men would be a sitting duck.

And as everyone knows:

In the beginning of April 2017, the chieftains of ‘Shinwari Tribal Council’ said that Daesh (ISIL) is widely and openly supported by the puppet regime. This claim was reiterated by Zahir Qadeer and several other local officials, but no adequate or acceptable answer was given by the stooge admin authorities. In the same month, Mother of all Bombs was dropped by the savage American invading forces in Achin district of Nangarhar province which had a widespread echo in the world media, though it was not as terribly harmful as perceived to be. The American authorities widely propagated to pretend their seriousness about the issue of Daesh (ISIL), but several analysts including Karzai declared that it was only the testing of American war technology and the soil of occupied Afghanistan was chosen only as a testing ground.

This comes from the Taliban website. ISIS, of course, is the creation of western intelligence and only attacks its enemies. It will not attack Israel or Saudi Arabia, strangely enough. Even Defense Department documents prove the American origin of Daesh. Most of their “beheading” videos have been shot in front of a green screen. When the US begins its withdrawal, ISIS will be brought in to take their place, using American transports and logistics. Today, the American dependence on Daesh increases by the hour.

Last May 30, two military vehicles carrying five Daesh fighters, each equipped with sophisticated American weapons and in Special Forces’ fatigues, were spotted by both government agents and the Emirate. They disembarked and got into two American vehicles, and then passed through dozens of checkpoints without being questioned by anybody until they stopped in front of the new building of the Afghan “Interior Ministry.” The ten armed men got out of the vehicles, warmly received by the security around the building. Then, they opened fire and killed them all.

ISIS took responsibility for the attack though its own media agency, though this is hardly evidence. CNN claimed that the group of men blew up the guard gates and forced their way in. This isn’t what eyewitnesses saw. There would be no way to gain access to the Ministry without inside contacts. CNN merely repeated what embedded journalists said. All attackers were killed.

Laughably, ISIS has several large training centers in Kabul under the watchful eye of both the regime and the USA. A year ago, the US sent ISIS against the Taliban in Jalalabad, where they were soundly defeated. Whenever there is war between Mujaheddin and Daesh, foreign and government forces bomb Taliban positions and attack them in a bid to aid Daesh.

Similarly, Taliban forces seized American vehicles full of ammunition and equipment bound for Daesh and its surrendered personnel have confessed that the Kabul regime and the US have supported them and have saved them from Mujaheddin during dire situations. Last year, the invaders also protected and rescued 250 Daesh personnel in Darzab district of Jawzjan province that were under a harsh attack from the Taliban, a claim that has also been admitted by Kabul regime officials. Americans conduct operations for the protection of Daesh, they provide weapons and ammunition and exaggerate its numbers. Just like in Syria, any attack on Daesh from the Taliban is harshly condemned in Washington.

On January 13, 2019, the US organized a prison break for Daesh militants from a Taliban prison in northwest Afghanistan. The USAF bombed the Taliban positions around the prison and then sent special forces via helicopter to rescue the 40 or so prisoners within it. Video exists of the transfer of Daesh fighters to the Afghan government. A year ago, in the fighting in western Afghanistan between Daesh and the Taliban, the US, without fail, attacked the Taliban positions. The same occurred in Syria.

One of the most outrageous examples of US backing for ISIS was in September 2016, where Deir Ez Zor in Syria was under ISIS attack. The Syrian army was dependent entirely on airlifted supplies. Both British and US warplanes attacked these supplies and bombed Syrian forces on the 17. Immediately following the attack, ISIS fighters, in a coordinated action, attacked the Syrian forces that remained. The city was overrun, but when it was recaptured, ISIS was taken from the city by American transports in the so-called “Raqqa Deal.” The American cover stories get worse and worse. Talal Silo, a former commander in the so-called Syrian Democratic Forces, sponsored by the US, says roughly 4,000 ISIS fighters were bused out of the city with their weapons. Silo also claims that U.S. officials made the decision in consultation with the SDF — contradicting the U.S. narrative that local SDF commanders forced it upon the Americans. The American backing for ISIS is so blatant as to be impossible to deny.

The ignorant Hillary Clinton, who doesn’t know the first thing about the region, said, in a Wikileaks release:

While this military/para-military operation is moving forward [in Syria], we need to use our diplomatic and more traditional intelligence assets to bring pressure on the governments of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, which are providing clandestine financial and logistic support to ISIL and other radical Sunni groups in the region.

Yet the American press and university academics will continually say the US is “fighting ISIS.” This is based on a form of denial from those who profit from the Regime. If they were to accept the obvious truth that ISIS is an American creation, everything about their worldview would come crashing down and they’d be called “conspiracy theorist,” which is usually followed, strangely enough, by, “Antisemite.” This is how political analysis is done in elite institutions.

For their part, the Taliban (Mujaheddin) have launched operations against Daesh in the Zawia area of Khogyani district, Nangarhar province and have purged many areas. The USAF, as usual, came to their rescue. Each battle shows the USAF attacking Taliban positions and aiding ISIS at every turn without exception. Russian military intelligence have also verified all this.

From August 17-19, the US carried out almost ten drone strikes and two manned strikes on Mujaheddin positions, vehicles and defense lines, resulting in 13 Taliban and one civilian killed. All of this was done in defense of ISIS. Similarly, American drones targeted those Mujaheddin who were about to launch operations against the Daesh militia in Lohore Dag area of Munawara district, Kunar province on August 18. Meanwhile Daesh were extracted by ranger pickup trucks by Kabul regime forces following aerial bombardment by the Americans.

The participants further said that now, it is evident that the scheme to bring Daesh (ISIS) into Afghanistan is created by the officials of the Kabul Administration as they financially support them and the Americans pinpoint targets for them. When the Mujaheddin of the Islamic Emirate started operations against ISIS and cleared areas of Adwar and Sor Dag of the Khogyani district in a short time, at a critical moment, the Kabul army, police, militias (Arbakis) and the USAF closed in on the area and launched attacks including mortar and missile strikes against the Taliban in support of ISIS. This caused the Mujaheddin to break off the chase of ISIS fighters and focus on the defense of their areas. There’s no question anymore as to what ISIS is.

The administration in the capital is considered a joke by almost everyone, including the Americans. This is why morale is non-existent and their few remaining soldiers fight for a monthly check and nothing else. So what is the record of the Kabul regime?

In the meantime, surveys conducted by an international organ revealed that the heterogeneous stooge regime is completely failed and inefficient and Afghanistan is facing one of the highest famine ratio despite the huge amount of international funds provided over the years. John Sopko, the head of SIGAR announced that the number of casualties of local mercenary armed forces have significantly increased and the stooge admin in Kabul and their American masters have agreed not to reveal the real number of their casualties and losses from now on. On the other side, the power supply company in Kabul said that high ranking stooge officials owe nearly 10 billion Afghans and they have not paid their electricity bills for years.

No one is surprised. In areas it controls, the Taliban have smashed the drug trade and cleansed the area of armed warlords and various bands. In August of 2019, almost 1000 government workers in Kabul joined the Taliban. Another 700 deserted to the Taliban in April. In fact, the administration in the capital city cannot count on the loyalty of any of its workers. The Kabul regime can’t be called a government because its not independent, can’t control much of its territory and follows no law. In April of 2017, the Emirate said:

The so-called President (Ashraf Ghani) is openly mocked and challenged by the Chief Executive (Abdullah Abdullah). Parliament members openly oppose the Executive branch and consider it illegitimate. The Executive contemptuously disregards Parliament and refuses to recognize its legislative authority. General Dostum and Atta Noor proudly throw insults at each other in the media. Ahmad Zia Massoud refuses to accept Ghani’s directive removing him from his post. Each party is developing parallel links with foreign powers to strengthen their hold on power.

Its almost a sad sight, and its made worse when every penny comes from the US taxpayer. When the Americans dropped a ten-ton MOAB bomb in Nangarhar province, Ghani publicly welcomed this war crime, but his ambassador to Pakistan and close advisor – Omar Zakhilwal – declared it a crime and a disgrace. Also, his adviser Daud Asaas also considered this an unacceptable and unnecessary use of violence.

One of the cornerstones of the American “rebuilding” of Afghanistan after they helped destroy it was to construct, guard and protect the Kabul to Kandahar highway. It is an essential economic artery. Hundreds of lives have been lost defending it. Today, the road is destroyed and impassable. It might lead to the collapse of Afghanistan. Very few of the roads in the country are paved, and most of these are unusable.

The “ring road” connecting the four major cities was built with billions from the US. Today, its destroyed. The US is so overstretched that it doesn’t have the resources to maintain it. By 2008, the Taliban had retaken most of the country and the Kabul regime was tottering. From the “surge” onward, the more the US committed men, the more attacks the Taliban launched, finally wearing the US down until morale sunk to nothing. After the 2008 “surge,” Taliban attacks went from 80 to 800 a week, defeating the US. The American consulting group that built the roads abandoned the protect because it needed armies of security to maintain it. Even after $3 billion was spent on the ring, it remains incomplete today.

Today, the Taliban control most of the country without help from foreign governments. This proves they are popular and have the support of the population. In 2019, NATO fully admitted the mission was a failure and the US began “negotiating” with the Taliban without the Kabul state.

The US military openly state that the Afghan Army raises money through the sale of children. Child molestation (called bacha bazi locally) is a part of the “army culture” there. British and American Marines have stated over and over again that child molestation is endemic. This is part of the reason the Taliban are so popular. They have every right to be. They shoot child molesters and drug dealers while the US and ANA welcome them or at least tolerate them. The Taliban legislate the death penalty for this crime. The Kabul government uses “Chai Boys” on every base without exception. Those complaining or escaping are shot.

In Sangin, the police chief, Qhattab Khan, stated that a local ANA commander told him: “If they don’t fuck the asses of those boys, what should they fuck? The pussies of their own grandmothers? Their asses were used before, and now they want to get what they are owed. . . . the boys stay willingly and they offer their asses each night.” This isn’t the exception, its the rule. This again, is part of the reason for the Taliban’s popularity and neither the police nor the ANA do anything about it.

Almost a decade ago, the Guardian in the UK reported that foreign military contractors were also engaged in this trade. The Guardian wrote:

A scandal involving foreign contractors employed to train Afghan policemen who took drugs and paid for young “dancing boys” to entertain them in northern Afghanistan caused such panic that the interior minister begged the US embassy to try and quash the story, according to one of the US embassy cables released by WikiLeaks.

The panicked Afghan officials worried that what’s left of the government machinery would collapse once this became known. While Islamic law banns this practice, it’s history goes back long before the American or Soviet invasions. One Marine commented in anger (harsh language ahead, taken from a YouTube comment):

I did 3 combat deployments to this very area as a Marine and you have no idea how corrupt these people are. Not once did I ever go to an Afghan police/army checkpoint and not find little boy sex slaves. We even had one police officer shoot and kill one of these boys because he got raped by another officer. Shit’s fucked up. The media knew about all of this and never said a fucking thing until that Green Beret got kicked out of the Army for beating the shit out of one of these rapists. Not to mention I’ve lost more friends to these assholes in “isolated insider attacks” than to Taliban! Fuck our “Afghan allies.” In my opinion, we’re shooting the wrong Afghans. This shit takes a toll on you having to sit back and watch this shit first hand and not being able to say or do a fucking thing about it (emphasis in the original).

To say the least, this is the majority opinion. Military equipment owned by the ANA is being sold at local bazaars and checkpoint materials are sold. No one takes the mission of the army seriously and the government has no legitimacy in the eyes of its own soldiers. The ANA itself is purely a northern phenomenon. The southern Pashtuns avoid it.

A Major William Steuber, a Marine adviser to the ANA, stated, “If you were to take away all their [criminal] schemes, you’d render them totally ineffective.” He’s one of hundreds that are totally demoralized by this failed war and the even worse behavior of the ANA. His reports on the kidnapping and raping of young boys by the ANA fell on deaf ears. He said it was rare that ANA men weren’t stoned or strung out on drugs.

Local police are often Taliban soldiers in disguise. They can be identified by the fact that they’re not on drugs. They are put on the US payroll with the promise that they not kill Americans or ANA. Still, they do as they please. “Insider attacks” are common, especially against ANA, who are easy targets. No one misses them when they’re killed.

Policy is driven by the reports of embedded journalists and the false reports officers give politicians to protect their own reputations. They won’t speak to grunts or local politicians for fear of hearing the truth. Local elites have stated time and again the total defeat of the US and the corruption of the “government.” In 2010, the US said there will be no negotiations with the Taliban and they were banned from politics. Today, they are welcomed into politics and surrender negotiations are still occurring with them. This is hard proof of their resiliency and popularity in the country. Several times in 2002 George W. Bush stated that the Taliban were “eliminated.” In September of 2004, he stated, “And as a result of the United States military, Taliban no longer is in existence. And the people of Afghanistan are now free.”

There is no functional economy. False “GDP growth” figures come exclusively from American bases and the money spent there. Aid is counted as “growth.” No one will invest in a country so unstable and with no workable infrastructure.

SIGAR, the US government agency (mostly privatized) that oversees “reconstruction” of the country stated: “The US government greatly overestimated its ability to build and reform government institutions in Afghanistan.” This is the true epitaph of yet another failed US military adventure overseas. American commanders state that “the Taliban can’t win,” while at the same time, SIGAR’s own publications state exactly the opposite. General Lloyd Austin says “Afghan special forces are becoming the best in the region.” No one on the ground believes him. American military commanders, at least in public, attempt to create a dream world of success in the midst of almost comic failure.

All told, the US is a picture of failure in Afghanistan and the Middle East. The Taliban have proven that they are a popular and legitimate government of Afghanistan. Their strict Islam is needed to rebuild a war-torn country where morality has collapsed. War destroys basic ethical thinking. The US cares only to protect Israel and maintain the flow of natural resources under American control. Importantly, its also to keep them out of any entity with connections to Russia, the ultimate anti-liberal, archetypal power.

The Taliban are an Islamic National Socialist force. They seek only the reconstruction of the country in consensus with other Islamic groups. They’ve stated over and over that they have no expansionist desires and don’t fund any outside forces. They want all money to be raised in Afghanistan and used in Afghanistan. With practically no help from anyone, they’ve defeated the US forces and their ISIS mercenaries while also making a mockery of the “Afghan National Army.” The victory of the Taliban also means a massive disruption in the supply of morphine and other opiates, so our present opiate crisis is directly tied with this situation. The victory for the Taliban is a victory for the West.

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