Podcast on General Alexander Lebed (1950-2010)

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson hosts a podcast talking about recent history in Russia, beginning in the nineties and concentrating on General Alexander Lebed (1950-2002).

Like everything else about Russia, the American press and historical establishment have never told the truth about Lebed and his career. A firm nationalist and Orthodox patriot, Lebed frightened the oligarchs who controlled Russia in the 1990s.

He became famous for making peace in Moldova and winning over the formerly hostile president Mircea Snegur. He was attacked by the corrupt army chief General Pavel Grachev and eventually thrown out of Yeltsin’s Kremlin. He then was elected governor of the highly strategic Siberian region of Krasnoyarsk.

There, he was at war with the oligarchical clan led by Anatoly Bykov, a well known thug and murderer who controlled the aluminium industry in the country at the time. He was forced to flee in 1997. Lebed was voted the “most trusted man” in Russian politics in 1996, with Boris Yeltsin earning about 5 percent of that vote. By some “democratic miracle,” this same man was able to win the presidency in 1996, taking 56 percent of the vote! This transformation can only be explained through corruption and lots of American cash.

Lebed was murdered by the Bykov and Deripraska clans in April of 2002 by either a missile or the planting of explosives on his helicopter. As they controlled the region and these industries at the time, they had an interest in seeing Lebed wiped out. This was also meant to send a message to Putin.

Matthew Raphael Johnson

Matthew Raphael Johnson is a scholar of Russian Orthodox history and philosophy. He completed his doctorate at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln in 1999. He is a former professor of both history and political science at the University of Nebraska (as a graduate student), Penn State University and Mount St. Mary’s University. Since 1999, he was the editor (and is presently Senior Researcher) at The Barnes Review, a well-known renegade journal of European history. Dr. Johnson is the author of eight books. Six are from Hromada Books, "Sobornosti: Essays on the Old Faith;" "Heavenly Serbia and the Medieval Idea;" "Orthodoxy, Autocracy, Nationality: Lectures on Medieval Russia;" "The Ancient Orthodox Tradition in Russian Literature: "The Foreign Policy of Mass Society: The Failure of Western Engagement in the Middle East;" and "Officially Approved Dissent: Alasdair MacIntyre’s Strategic Ambiguity in His Critique of Modernity." And two published by The Barnes Review, "The Third Rome: Holy Russia, Tsarism and Orthodoxy;" and "Russian Populist: The Political Thought of Vladimir Putin."

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