The flesh must be constantly disciplined, groomed and restrained, for the purpose of keeping pudginess and distractions at bay. Militant Strength Culture is part of this and is an important addition, especially for the Postmodern specimen, which seldom puts physical effort into their daily life.

Thus, the morning was spent at the gym. Just like in life at large, the key to muscle hypertrophy is to always push a little bit more this time, become even more tired, just a bit. Otherwise it is but pure entertainment we speak of nothing else.

I always try to restrain my initial disdain for obesity in moments where people – those who have let go of their bodies with reckless abandon, for decades – drag themselves to the gym in an attempt to pay their dues. After all, it is an act of strength to actually break with a continuously self-destructive approach to diet and life. Such things ought to be encouraged, and not be met with disdain.

Nevertheless, the disdain for plebs gushes forth when people without training routine just go through the motions without vigour, without will to power, only on routine. Pathetic.

After the gym, a minimalistic Raw Vegan Keto meal followed by United Bible Studies during meditation back home, before the altar. Soon I will ride the Tiger inside the Metropolis, with fellow Men Among the Ruins.

1×8 60 kg
3×5 80 kg

Barbell Curls
1×8 12 kg
1×12 10 kg
1×10 10 kg
1×3 14 kg

Inclined Barbell Bench Press
1×12 20 kg
3×12 40 kg
1×12 50 kg

1×8 [bodyweight]
1×4 [ibid.]

Skull Crushers
1×12 10 kg
2×4 30 kg
1×12 20 kg
1×12 25 kg