Six hundred years ago, Europeans were fighting an aggressive Islamic expansion into Europe. Brave Christian knights held off the Ottomans until 1459 when the conquest was finally complete. One hundred years ago, Europe was in the middle of World War I. On 28th June 1914 shots fired by Gavrilo Princip that killed the evil, anti-Semitic, Austro-Hungarian occupier Archduke Ferdinand was the trigger which ignited the Balkan powder keg. Serbs paid a terrible price to be on the winning side. In the 1990’s, fighting to save the Non-Aligned and Socialist ideal of Yugoslavia and against Islamofascist terrorists was considered a war crime, Serbs again paid heavily with Southern Serbia occupied by NATO since 1999. Will EUristan/Europe learn its lesson from the Serbian tragedy or are we doomed to repeat it?

Unfinished Orthodox church in Priština dedicated to Christ the Saviour, now a target for demolition

Recently, Muslims have been destroying churches and using them as toilets in the heart of Europe or lobbying for their demolition, like Christ the Saviour. Why?  Mainstream media did not report it. And they did it before. Many times. Brussels tolerated it. Somewhere in Europe, Christians have to worship under military protection. With their falsified history, renaming of cities and villages, and constant, aggressive Islamofascism, they carved out a “state” under NATO occupation. They raped young girls and kidnapped people to harvest organs and we turned a blind eye, now they want to join the EU; should we let them in? Are we shocked, anymore now than when we see ruins in Aleppo or carefully staged beheadings on screen? Is it a surprise to us?

The pseudo-country is, of course, “Kosova” or “Kosovo,” or, to use its correct name “Kosovo and Metohija”, shortened to KosMet, still legally a part of Serbia, according to U.N. Resolution 1244. It literally means from the kos or blackbird (in Serbian), from the Field of Blackbirds, referring to the famous battle in 1389 when Serbs (and indeed some Christian Albanians, whatever that meant) halted Ottoman Imperialism and expansion into Europe, unfortunately without the help of the Vatican (although desperately requested). This slowed down the blood-thirsty Islamic onslaught until, finally, in 1459, the rump Christian Serbian Despotate fell. The other part of the name Metohija is from the Greek and means “relating to the church,” so-called since Western KosMet is rich in hundreds of churches, monasteries and shrines, the Jerusalem of Europe. Unfortunately, significantly reduced in number due to NATO, either through bombing or permitting Islamic terrorists, yobs or troublemakers to do it.

Over 250,000 Serbs have been expelled from KosMet since 1998, to add to the number before then.

This “state” under NATO occupation held a referendum and declared independence on 17th February 2008, an illegal act under international law, yet the West accepts and encourages this, and accepts the mass expulsion not only of non-Albanians, mainly Christian, Orthodox Serbs, but others, like Roma. This is well on the way to creating an Islamic superstate of Greater Albania (“Illyrida”), carved out of Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Greece. Albanian flags are flying everywhere not only in KosMet but also in NW Macedonia. It is just a matter of time …

In the 14th century, specifically 1389, at the Battle of Kosovo, Serbs (and yes, surprisingly, Christian Albanians) were called on to fight the Muslim Ottoman Turks. Certainly, hundreds of thousands of Serbs were murdered, expelled, converted to Islam from 1389 to 1913 in the ensuing occupation and atrocities. But no Ottoman Serb genocide is ever mentioned in Western history books: Armenian, Assyrian, Greek, yes, but no Serb one.

The 20th century was not the first forced exodus of Serbs from KosMet. In 1690, Patriarch Arsenije III led 37,000 Christian families out to escape Muslim revenge. Due to the oppression from the Ottomans, other migrations of Orthodox people from the Kosovo area continued throughout the 18th century. Many Serbs adopted Islam and some even were subsumed into the local Albanian population and culture. By the end of the 19th century, Albanians replaced the Serbs as the dominating ethnic group of Kosovo.

It was not the first time Albanians had massacred Serbs in KosMet and stolen their land. From the 19th centur, they were gradually moved into KosMet by the Ottomans to change the population balance, from 90:10 to 10:90. In 1901, massacres of Serbs were carried out by Albanians in Northern Kosovo and Pristina. By this time, the Islamic fighters or kaçaniks of the Ottomans were fully engaged in anti-Christian terrorism.

And it was not the first time that Islam had destroyed Christian churches in KosMet. During the Islamicisation period, many churches and Holy Orthodox Christian places were razed to the ground or turned into mosques. For example, the large Monastery of Saint Archangels near Prizren which was the burial place of Emperor Stefan Dušan was torn down at the end of the 16th century and the material used to build the Mosque of Sinan-pasha, an Islamicised Serb, in Prizren.

Just before WW1, 100 years ago, just after nation states were reasserting their independence from the Ottomans during the Balkan Wars, then came WW1.The War to End All Wars, started in the Balkans, with the original fake belief that a Serbian terrorist started it, plunging the world into chaos, killing off a whole generation of people, none worse than in Serbia in which one quarter of the whole population perished (men, women, children, old people) due to war, disease, genocide. Serbs were called on to stop aggressive German expansion, giving the Austrians a good spanking; and it turned out the Kaiser would have attacked Serbia anyway. But the Balkans is still a powder keg; what did we learn?

“Fulfilment,” the Serbs giving the Austrians a good hiding in WW1. Source Punch 23/12/1914.

Just like in 1914, we blamed the Serbs; Gavrilo Princip killed the evil, anti-Semitic Imperialist heir to the short-lived Austro-Hungarian throne. Germany, flexing its ambitious, imperialist muscle forced Austro-Hungary to invade Serbia for revenge and gambled on thrashing the Serbs in the ring while the West looked on without intervening. Serbia fought well to defend itself, yet through a series of treaties, Russia, France, Britain all got involved, and so on. What you are never told in school is that Bosnia and Hercegovina was at the time occupied and Gavrilo Princip was part of a multi-ethnic group sworn to rid the Balkans of the alien occupier. Even the BBC incorrectly teaches kids that he was a “terrorist” and that Serbia “wanted the Ottomans’ territory!” In fact, today in the West, the concept of fighting for freedom by defending one’s own land does not exist, whether in Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel, Libya, Serbia or other territories occupied by former imperialist powers.

And just as in 1389, at the Battle of Kosovo, the Serbian bulwark was in place to stop European Islamicisation and enforced slavery, dismantled by external aggressors; now 100 years on since WW1, we are destroying and weakening the bulwark again, and just as in 1914 with German militaristic propaganda, lies and deceit. Berlin controls Brussels and the EU project, and has shaped it into a political, economic and military union, not a trade union of equal partners, which is what the UK voted to join in 1975. Now this hegemony will be weakened, despite the massive Teutonic resistance.

What one can certainly say is the (Western) Europe has let down both Serbia and itself, and, with potential unreasonable member vetoes against EU accession and the NAZI-like German sweeping declarations about admitting genocide as a condition of membership (which Germany never had to do pre-EU! Neither France, Croatia, Spain nor Belgium), it would be better for Southern European Serbia to look eastwards (Turkey, Russia, China, India) and out of Europe altogether (Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela, Indonesia) for trade, international integration and development. Sounds like a new Non-Aligned movement? There was never an equivalent Marshall Plan to economically pull Serbia, the biggest and most industrialised ex-Yugoslav republic, out of two decades of war, yet we want to welcome them to the French-German-axis EU with open hands, covered in the blood of their innocents?

An economically stagnant, morally bankrupt EUristan, paralysed by EUrocrats is crystallising over the continent: a New Europe, Islamic in character, less democratic, younger. If we study KosMet since pre-1914 we shall see how the 10% Islamic population became dominant through higher births, intimidation, expulsion, genocide, forced property confiscation and terrorism, to become 90%, used by the EU as a justification for independence. For those who can understand, and hear, as well as listening, this is a foreboding to the Western World and its cherished democratic values, and the Western World did the opposite of what it should have done in 1999, by supporting Islamic terrorism at the expense not only of Christendom but diversity and tolerance. The ideal of Europe died in 1999, as Jacques Hogard, the French NATO general said. They never tell you Serbia was and is multi-ethnic: Catholics, Muslims, including Albanians, Roma, Vlah, Jews. Serbia understandably reacted to stop this threat of terrorism but was blocked by the West; Israel deals with similar circumstances not only by military force but also by building a 6m wall and excluding unwanted people. What will Western Democracies do in 100 years, 2117, when London is 90% non-English or Paris is 90% non-French? Will they not defend their own democratic rights or way of life? Or will they let their territories separate and become independent according to the Absolute Majority Rule? Marseilles is already more than 50% Muslim, ethnically divided and non-integrated. These unwelcome scenarios have become a reality in the Balkans and are happening right now in the EU; we need an untabooed, fair, political debate, else the frog in the slowly-heated water will become boiled.

  1. G. D. Laffan wrote the post-WW1 book in 1918 “The Serbs: Guardians of the Gate,” describing Serbian struggles from the Middle Ages to WW1, fighting against invading powers. Whilst Serbs were fighting Islamic terrorism, the EU decided to support those Islamic terrorists. Now, as we attacked the guardians of Europe and occupied their country, who will protect Europe?

Expelled Serbs and KLA concentration camps


Neborod Vinchanski