“No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.”

Ancient philosopher’s thoughts seem to be relevant for time eternal. Their wisdom echoes from the past and serves us in a proper way to handle everything the future may bring.

Living in 21 century where most of the physical work will soon be replaced by machines, men only way to exercise his body is to do some sport. For those who will discard this connotation due to the pace dictated by modern lifestyle, I will directly tell you: YOU ARE WRONG. I will never know how YOUR life has been up to now, but if you are self-aware and self-criticizing you will surely get my point. If you are so sure that your job or your surrounding limits you in obtaining progress, then maybe it is a perfect time to give up on some things. If some lack the proper observation of reality, “No Excuses” maybe sounds to populistic and much used by motivational posters or gym gurus, but to some people who struggle to be honest to themselves they seem to need a loud shout of these two words straight in their face. To struggle is to life live by fullest. Nothing is changing in comfort zone. No progress is achieved by being passive. But once you start your journey towards shaping your body, many things will begin to move in an unusually positive way for you. Energy, health, positive thoughts and feeling of inner enlightenment will be the many fruits you will bear. Socrates thought about mustering your body to its full potential before you grow old also in a way tells us that years after youth becomes harder and by developing your body you will also develop healthy habits that are priceless in years to come.

Ultimately getting in shape is a long and tiresome process, but nevertheless the most amazing and rewarding experience a man can get himself into anywhere in the world. A chance to prove to yourself how amazing humankind is and to revive the inner warrior.