American Metaphysics

American Metaphysics For better or for worse, America was founded on Liberalism and has since been defined by it. The subject of Liberalism is the Individual, thus, to be an American is to be, first and foremost, an individual. Or at least, this has been the ideal. Today, Liberalism has exhausted itself into self-parody: transgenderism, […]

The Year that Perished

The Year that Perished 2020 has not been a kind year to the United States of America. At the beginning of the year, this country was struck by a pandemic that no-one except for the most foresighted of clairvoyants could have foresaw, as well as the resulting quarantine which has put millions out of work […]

NEETbux Nationalism

The problem isn’t that nationalism is dead, it’s just that we are nationalists without a nation. If America, or the West for that matter, cannot truly be made great again then it follows that the only thing worth fighting for is our own petty self-interests. There’s little point in talking about the importance of the family to a childless man or the significance of one’s nation to someone who is already a stranger in his own country. A society, when it becomes bereft of the original people who founded it, eventually becomes an intrusive, intermeshing web of corporate and legal institutions overseen by an increasingly repressive government that only really exists to prop up an ever-expansive series of welfare programs and entitlements designed to placate a deracinated mass of debt-servitors.

Screw your Optics

This is what those on the Right who complain about optics are really concerned about. To them, the Right cannot survive on its own merits, to succeed, it must be well received by the vast bulk of normiedom. This is because, unlike the Left, the Right does not control the superstructure necessary to exercise its will. As of now, the Right cannot compete against the Left for control of political offices, corporate sponsorship, the media, cultural institutions, the university system, etc. The one thing it can compete for control over is public opinion. Unfortunately, this is the one thing the Right doesn’t need to succeed as a movement.

Post-American Identity

To be an American in the 21st Century is essentially like being a Christian. Anyone, regardless of race, ethnicity and country of origin can be one so long as they accept democracy, capitalism and Mom’s apple pie into their hearts. It makes no difference if you are a descendant of the first Pilgrim’s to set foot off the Mayflower or a Sudanese immigrant who landed at JFK Airport yesterday. The name “American” no longer describes a people with a history or a purpose, with a vision of themselves and their place in the world—no, to be an American mean’s to be one of 320 million consumers united by nothing more than a deep and emphatic love of superhero movies and corn syrup.

The Neocon Slave Ethic

[Editors Note: This article was originally published on January 27, 2017 at] When you think of neocons, you probably think of mighty words like ‘warmonger’, ‘hawkish’ – something which reflects their aggressive foreign policy. But don’t mistake their principles for the strong foundations of Western Civilization. The neocons are not the spiritual descendants of the […]

The Brown Scare

America as well as Europe need to finally put the ghost of fascism to rest. Irreparable damage has already been dealt to both societies as the collective form of inherited guilt hanging over the heads of people who aren’t old enough to remember or had anything to do with the Second World War has allowed the rulers of their societies to be convinced into throwing open the borders of the nations of the West allowing for the settlement of people’s with such distinct cultures and incompatible views and lifestyles that any hope of assimilating them into Western society is immediately made impossible.

American Racialism VS European Nationalism

f the nation does not defend and represent the interests of the root people, it ceases to be a nation. The root people cannot identify with the alien construct that was once their nation. They thus turn to another group to identify with (race instead of nation). This is what happened in America and will also happen in Europe in about twenty years if current trends continue. The demographic replacement has a silver lining.

America, Israel and the Evangelical movement

On December 6th 2017, U.S. President Donald Trump officially recognized Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Israel and announced his attention to move the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, reversing decades of United States neutrality on the the issue. The move was criticized by many nations and sparked a wave of […]