The Shape of things to Come

The Shape of things to Come Well, three months into 2021 and it looks like the new year is already promising to be a continuation of the catastrophe that was 2020. On January 6th, pro-Trump protestors occupied the U.S. Capitol building, driving the warmongering parasitic sycophants that had taken up residence there back into the […]

2021: David Will Defeat Goliath

2021: David Will Defeat Goliath We live in indisputably dark times. Everywhere we look, the foreboding shadows of authoritarianism, globalism, and the imprisonment of the human spirit seem abundantly evident. 2020 demonstrated more than ever the naked and brazen power of the elites that misrule us, whether they were banning a sitting US president from […]

The Future of the Right in a World after Trump

The Future of the Right in a World after Trump If future historians could look back to the past and single out the exact moment when the United States entered a state of terminal decline, they would be hard pressed to find a single event as foreboding and disastrous as the 2020 presidential election which, […]

The Year that Perished

The Year that Perished 2020 has not been a kind year to the United States of America. At the beginning of the year, this country was struck by a pandemic that no-one except for the most foresighted of clairvoyants could have foresaw, as well as the resulting quarantine which has put millions out of work […]

The European Soul in the Age of Tumult

The struggle we now face is not that of a singular country or community. The European, wherever he dwells is engaged in a cataclysmic struggle for his own soul. Whether in squatter camps of the disposed Boers of South Africa, or in the rubble of his family store in Minneapolis, we are the embattled few – the thin white line. At the middle of last century, Europeans constituted 25% of the global population, they are now fewer than 10% globally and the figure is falling rapidly. We, we unhappy few now face a stark choice about who we are, about the content of our soul. In human life, the Grim Reaper is ever present, the prospects of loss and failure are something we must overcome within our own psyche. The Reaper has mouthed boo to our elite, and faced with this they have abandoned us, content to fill the void at their spiritual centre with profit, falsehoods, and flattery to those who would destroy us. Many have joined them. They live life as a purely singular atom, consuming in their darkened rooms – denouncing their race and nation, negating their gender, denying who they are and what they could become. The unending stream of history and world events has tested their mettle, and they have been found wanting.

James Younger and the Final Solution to Toxic Masculinity

The fact of the matter is that young men are the greatest resource a nation or a people can possess. Men, by nature’s design and by the work of providence, are the expendable sex. They are the muscle that keeps a community or society safe in times of war, protected in times of peace, feed in times of scarcity— often at the cost of their own lives. They are, as history has borne out, the brain by which almost all scientific discoveries and technological breakthroughs have been achieved; account for all the great explorers of human history as well as nearly all its great philosophical minds, religious leaders and spiritual guides.

A soft, passive, and compliant race of men will eventually be that people’s last generation. Women, despite what they may say otherwise, hate a man who is subservient to her needs and will not respect him. A woman will always be drawn to a man who is strong, who is forceful, who respects himself and, above all else, is self-sufficient. After all, a man who can rely on himself needs no one else, depends on no one else for anything, adheres to his own rule, charts his own course by his own polar star. If a woman can not find such a man among her own people, she will inevitably find one amongst another.

Why does the Heathen Rage?

Why does the Heathen Rage? [Editors Note: This article was originally published at, during the first incarnation of this project’s original website, shortly after the inauguration of US president Donald Trump. As to be expected, many things have changed since then, and the reader is asked to keep in the mind that the following […]

NEETbux Nationalism

The problem isn’t that nationalism is dead, it’s just that we are nationalists without a nation. If America, or the West for that matter, cannot truly be made great again then it follows that the only thing worth fighting for is our own petty self-interests. There’s little point in talking about the importance of the family to a childless man or the significance of one’s nation to someone who is already a stranger in his own country. A society, when it becomes bereft of the original people who founded it, eventually becomes an intrusive, intermeshing web of corporate and legal institutions overseen by an increasingly repressive government that only really exists to prop up an ever-expansive series of welfare programs and entitlements designed to placate a deracinated mass of debt-servitors.

The Political Sociology of Mass Society

Liberals are at the root of military worship. This makes perfect sense. While a few elderly vets think the military is a conservative institution, younger right-wingers know better. At the same time, younger liberals, not socialized in the same post-Vietnam anti-military world I was, see the military as their personal bodyguard, removing Islamic or nationalist governments and installing liberal, capitalist and feminist ones instead.

Screw your Optics

This is what those on the Right who complain about optics are really concerned about. To them, the Right cannot survive on its own merits, to succeed, it must be well received by the vast bulk of normiedom. This is because, unlike the Left, the Right does not control the superstructure necessary to exercise its will. As of now, the Right cannot compete against the Left for control of political offices, corporate sponsorship, the media, cultural institutions, the university system, etc. The one thing it can compete for control over is public opinion. Unfortunately, this is the one thing the Right doesn’t need to succeed as a movement.

Church, State and Rhetoric in the Political Thinking of Orestes Brownson

While incorrect on the nature of the Confederate secession, he was right on southern virtues and the results of the Civil War. His primary concern was natural law, not specific political agendas. While opposed to slavery with great vehemence, he loathed the notion of immediate slave emancipation without land or education.

Post-American Identity

To be an American in the 21st Century is essentially like being a Christian. Anyone, regardless of race, ethnicity and country of origin can be one so long as they accept democracy, capitalism and Mom’s apple pie into their hearts. It makes no difference if you are a descendant of the first Pilgrim’s to set foot off the Mayflower or a Sudanese immigrant who landed at JFK Airport yesterday. The name “American” no longer describes a people with a history or a purpose, with a vision of themselves and their place in the world—no, to be an American mean’s to be one of 320 million consumers united by nothing more than a deep and emphatic love of superhero movies and corn syrup.