“A GLOBAL COUP” BY GUILLAUME FAYE This latest publication of Guillaume Faye’s A Global Coup is a welcome addition to the growing number of titles by the author now available through Arktos Press. Like his other works, A Global Coup cements Faye’s position as one of the leading geopolitical theorists from the Continent and in […]

A Call for a Techno-Conservative Counter-Revolution

If Facebook likes and retweets are one-night stands, disposable and uncomplicated stories that are quickly replaced by new, more exciting counterparts—then books are long relationships that make a lasting imprint. It takes a while before you really get to know the other party, and when it’s over you may feel empty but also happy that you found each other. You may even have a new view of the world. Patience lies in the very nature of the matter.

The Wardens Reading List Vol.1

Through much consideration, we have drawn from a wide spectrum of political ideas what we believe are the books that should be a part of every reactionary’s private Library.