Political Sedevacantism

Political Sedevacantism As of the time I am putting these words to a Microsoft Word document, it has already been four months since Joe Biden has occupied the Oval Office. Admittedly, the Biden presidency has not been as destructive as I had first imagined, and thankfully, as long as his body is still warm, the […]

The Land of the Blind

Today, Conservatives stand at a crucial point for their existence: marginalized and under constant attack by the institutions, the culture-distorters have made the Right out to be a negative and destructive force. Meanwhile, the liberal tenant, marches along virtually unopposed, parading under the banners of political correctness, multiculturalism, gender studies, LGBTQ lobbyism and radical man-hating feminism reinforced by the Great Replacement of native Europeans and Americans of European ancestry by the means of mass immigration and state-sponsored clinical birth control. This has became the modus operandi of the Left as a whole. The gravest threat coming out from its monopoly of our higher institutions is not the cultural deconstruction or the materialistic interpretation of History and reality, but the simulation of freedom with an inquisitorial PC viciousness.

The Measure of a Man

I am not a man. Man is too feminine an identity to describe my lived experience. If there is a spectrum between “man” and “woman”, then a spectrum which extends beyond both is possible, as well. I identify as an Alpha Male.


Developed by Spandrell (alias, Bloody Shovel) it takes the basic Leninist model of building a Party to rule the state out of the dregs of society, and shifts this to the realm of biology, wrong-think biology in particular, building the party out of people who are permanent losers within the social order. Naturally, this refers to the non-white, non-heterosexual, non-viable forms of life we’re forced to prostrate ourselves to as the living saints of the religion of diversity. This is for the very simple reason that those with zero status in a sane society stake their entire lives on accumulating social capital through the Party and will revert back to that position of zero status if the party ever loses power, thus ensuring their undying loyalty towards the party and undying enmity towards those who aren’t lacking in status – whether we’re talking about the ne’er do wells of old Russia or the degenerate and swarthy masses of the modern West. In other words, Bioleninism is a system through which the governing Globohomo powers ensure that those most problematic of peons – white, Christian, heterosexual men (and the women married to them) will always be outvoted (and therefore expropriated, disenfranchised and ultimately eliminated) by the aforementioned non-viable life forms.

Post-American Identity

To be an American in the 21st Century is essentially like being a Christian. Anyone, regardless of race, ethnicity and country of origin can be one so long as they accept democracy, capitalism and Mom’s apple pie into their hearts. It makes no difference if you are a descendant of the first Pilgrim’s to set foot off the Mayflower or a Sudanese immigrant who landed at JFK Airport yesterday. The name “American” no longer describes a people with a history or a purpose, with a vision of themselves and their place in the world—no, to be an American mean’s to be one of 320 million consumers united by nothing more than a deep and emphatic love of superhero movies and corn syrup.

The Male Tax

Beautiful women are the recipients of a huge transfer of wealth from men when the dating market is unregulated. Women gain immensely just by being attractive. This author has termed it the “male tax.” Men indulge in expensive luxuries for the sake of impressing women. Being minimalists, men are usually happy with mere practicalities. Luxuries are about communicating status. Status is about making oneself more desirable to women. For a beautiful woman to choose you, among all the millions she could have, is a high all normal men seek. It is almost physically irresistible. There’s a reason there are no gorgeous women in dire poverty.