The Future of the Right in a World after Trump

The Future of the Right in a World after Trump If future historians could look back to the past and single out the exact moment when the United States entered a state of terminal decline, they would be hard pressed to find a single event as foreboding and disastrous as the 2020 presidential election which, […]

Church, State and Rhetoric in the Political Thinking of Orestes Brownson

While incorrect on the nature of the Confederate secession, he was right on southern virtues and the results of the Civil War. His primary concern was natural law, not specific political agendas. While opposed to slavery with great vehemence, he loathed the notion of immediate slave emancipation without land or education.

The Fable of Capitalist Efficiency:

Efficiency is a myth and a fable. The point of capitalism is to render labor totally isolated one from other, with no social ties to avoid organization. It is to work employees past endurance so as to squeeze more productivity per worker. Capitalism is an oligarchy where the short term control over markets and resources is the sine qua non of success. Markets are created, not followed.

Media Manipulation and American Politics

The proposition that the media has values that are democratic or close to democratic is highly dubious. There are a few major sources of news worldwide, and even “new media” as an alternative source of information usually leads to the same, elite and mainstream sources. The concentration of media power is inherently oligarchic, and its effect on political values is to continually promote a socially liberal agenda. This agenda deals with major areas of impact such as health care, race relations and gay rights. At least, these are the main areas of personal political identity are clearly seen.