The Shape of things to Come

The Shape of things to Come Well, three months into 2021 and it looks like the new year is already promising to be a continuation of the catastrophe that was 2020. On January 6th, pro-Trump protestors occupied the U.S. Capitol building, driving the warmongering parasitic sycophants that had taken up residence there back into the […]

The Future of the Right in a World after Trump

The Future of the Right in a World after Trump If future historians could look back to the past and single out the exact moment when the United States entered a state of terminal decline, they would be hard pressed to find a single event as foreboding and disastrous as the 2020 presidential election which, […]

NEETbux Nationalism

The problem isn’t that nationalism is dead, it’s just that we are nationalists without a nation. If America, or the West for that matter, cannot truly be made great again then it follows that the only thing worth fighting for is our own petty self-interests. There’s little point in talking about the importance of the family to a childless man or the significance of one’s nation to someone who is already a stranger in his own country. A society, when it becomes bereft of the original people who founded it, eventually becomes an intrusive, intermeshing web of corporate and legal institutions overseen by an increasingly repressive government that only really exists to prop up an ever-expansive series of welfare programs and entitlements designed to placate a deracinated mass of debt-servitors.