A Dialectical View of Identity

Being an individual is not the same as having a unique identity that sets one apart from the community or the whole of society. Ants are individuals within the entirety of their nest, and yet they do not appear to hold any sort of personal identity. Human beings, on the other hand, stand out among eusocial animals because they are atoms in their respective societies and, at the same time, struggle to establish unique identifiers of their own. Individuals with a personal identity are individuals plus ultra, so to speak.

What did Hegel Mean by “Dialectics?”

Dialectics is a profound understanding of reality that does way with the simplistic positivism of Occam, Locke and his successors. The purpose of the dialectical method is to discover the ground for science, but more specifically, propositions about objects and relations science deals with. Our pragmatic mind begins with the object, but our speculative – or scientific mind – does not. It begins with Being. A “fact” never exists by itself and is nonsensical in isolation.