Futurekampf There is exists no struggle more important, no battle more worth fighting, no prize more glorious than that which comes from a people who, faced with the threat of occupation, enslavement and complete subjugation by an encroaching enemy; now rests confident, secure in its own existence, in having won a future for itself. History […]

How Lincoln destroyed America using the Declaration of Independence.

How Lincoln destroyed America using the Declaration of Independence. The overarching theme of Kendall and Carey’s book, The Basic Symbols of the American Political Tradition, stands out quite a bit.  It runs against the grain of what is currently called traditional history.  Instead of the story of a nation founded on the ideas of equality […]

A Dialectical View of Identity

Being an individual is not the same as having a unique identity that sets one apart from the community or the whole of society. Ants are individuals within the entirety of their nest, and yet they do not appear to hold any sort of personal identity. Human beings, on the other hand, stand out among eusocial animals because they are atoms in their respective societies and, at the same time, struggle to establish unique identifiers of their own. Individuals with a personal identity are individuals plus ultra, so to speak.

The European Soul in the Age of Tumult

The struggle we now face is not that of a singular country or community. The European, wherever he dwells is engaged in a cataclysmic struggle for his own soul. Whether in squatter camps of the disposed Boers of South Africa, or in the rubble of his family store in Minneapolis, we are the embattled few – the thin white line. At the middle of last century, Europeans constituted 25% of the global population, they are now fewer than 10% globally and the figure is falling rapidly. We, we unhappy few now face a stark choice about who we are, about the content of our soul. In human life, the Grim Reaper is ever present, the prospects of loss and failure are something we must overcome within our own psyche. The Reaper has mouthed boo to our elite, and faced with this they have abandoned us, content to fill the void at their spiritual centre with profit, falsehoods, and flattery to those who would destroy us. Many have joined them. They live life as a purely singular atom, consuming in their darkened rooms – denouncing their race and nation, negating their gender, denying who they are and what they could become. The unending stream of history and world events has tested their mettle, and they have been found wanting.

The Orthodox Nationalist: The Emperor Justinian

The zenith of the Byzantine Empire was in the middle of the 6th century during the reign of the great Emperor Justinian (527-565). The internal consolidation of the state was his first order of business and from that, his agenda could be launched. Justinian’s focus was to restore the Roman Empire in the west, that had been in a state of anarchy for several centuries. He wanted to strengthen domestic law, and sought to make Byzantium the successor of Rome as it had been meant to be, and in the process, ruling all Europe and a unified Christendom.

The Orthodox Nationalist: The Vietnam War

Like everything, the level of disinformation on the War in Vietnam has reached crisis proportions. As the US military are venerated like gods in the US so long as the war is against nationalists, when the war is with communists, suddenly they’re “baby killers.” Yet, name calling isn’t the end. The US lost the war due to deliberate incompetence, ideological myopia and an institutionalized lack of will.

Crusaders, Colonists & Confederates: Trifecta of the European Soul

Smash through the walls of the historical quarantine zone and gaze upon the mirror of history and you will find looking back at you not outlaws and brigands, but a reflection of yourself and your ancestors. Take a ride with General Lee, relive the Templar’s thunderous charge for glory at the Siege of Antioch, fall into the ranks of the 270,000 Rhodesians who defied a whole continent and global order. Raise your Confederate battle flag, don your Templar cross, listen to a Rhodesian folk song – don’t allow the state to try and steal your heritage and your soul. No matter how many history books they rewrite or mountains they dynamite, they cannot extinguish the European story because it lives on in us. Yet if we do not rediscover our will to resist, that story may have reached its final chapter. The Crusader, the Colonist, and the Confederate are all manifestations of our excesses both of valour and stubbornness. They are a trifecta of the European soul. Learn from their successes and discard their failures, because while they didn’t succeed in reaching their dreams – we must march ever onwards towards our own.

On the Use and Abuse of Identity

Identity isn’t something we can escape from. We can’t take a hot shower and hope that the color of our skin has been washed off in the process. Everyone: from a triracial Brazilian to a Finnish Laplander or a Trobriand Islander to an Alaskan Inuit is the result of untold milennias worth of biological history, each gene telling the story of some long-forgotten ancestor only half-remembered in some mythmoteur or in the yellowing pages of a family photo album.

Scattered Thoughts on Ivan Solonevich and His Conception of the Russian Monarchy

Ivan Solonevich (1891-1953) is one of the least appreciated of the Russian emigre writers. This group is little known among Americans since they fought an empire that the American elite did not oppose. An inmate of the GULag, Solonevich wrote on camp life before Solzhenitsyn. He argued that the camp was just a mini-USSR. The camp was the utopia of the Soviet ruling class.

The Choice of Alcibiades

It has often been said that the countries in which we live are no longer the one’s in which we grew up in. Political corruption, loss of faith in the democratic process and, of course, the ever present reality of rapid demographic change have made the nations of the West almost unrecognizable from what they were even a mere generation ago. The failure, or more accurately, the willing participation of our so-called leaders in our own ethnographic displacement has left everyone sane enough to recognize the outright betrayal that has taken place on the part of our own collective governments who– according to the principles of democracy– should have had our best interests at heart.

The essential movies about the Crusades

The terrific film released in May 2005 to movie theatres nationwide was only a part of the great vision director Ridley Scott had for this incredible story. The director’s cut, released on DVD in 2007, presents Scott’s epic the way it was meant to be seen. Orlando Bloom stars as Balian de Ibelin, as he travels to Jerusalem during the Crusades to find himself the ultimate defender of his city and people. While some director’s cut only change a few brief moments in the film, this immensely different cut is a completely different film. It is “radically altered from the financially unsuccessful version that unspooled in theatres in the summer of 2005,” and is in every way a better movie.