Alexander Dugin and COVID-19

Alexander Dugin and COVID-19 Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson looks at Dugin’s predictions and contrasts them with his own. Alexander Dugin wrote in April of 2020: “The outbreak of the Coronavirus epidemic has been a decisive moment in the destruction of the unipolar world and the collapse of globalization.” Dugin might be a little optimistic about the […]

On the Final Victory of the Taliban in Afghanistan

All told, the US is a picture of failure in Afghanistan and the Middle East. The Taliban have proven that they are a popular and legitimate government of Afghanistan. Their strict Islam is needed to rebuild a war-torn country where morality has collapsed. War destroys basic ethical thinking. The US cares only to protect Israel and maintain the flow of natural resources under American control. Importantly, its also to keep them out of any entity with connections to Russia, the ultimate anti-liberal, archetypal power.

The Orthodox Nationalist: Some Clarifications in Orthodox Theology

This week’s broadcast Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson clarifies and expounds on some of the points made in previous broadcasts on theology. week. These are some of the most fundamental issues man can face, so dealing with them is a delicate project. Rarely are these basic issues dealt with properly and rationally.

Limping Towards the Redpill:

One of the truths of the Redpill is the simple fact that the “nice guy” or a Beta will get the girl by virtue of this very fact. In a way, the Beta mind is a threat since, after a certain amount of time being nice, he then expects – or thinks he’s owed – attention from women. Even more, that this man loses in the romantic world because he seeks attention and approval. That a man will require the approval of a woman makes him look weak.

Defending the New Aristocracy:

America is a matriarchy. The privileges that women, especially attractive women, possess today are unique in world history. One of the hundreds of proofs of this fact is the very existence of the Violence Against Women Act of 1994, or VAWA. It is the utter zenith of the feminist movement. As might be expected, it was achieved through rank dishonesty and fraud. It is Title IV, sec. 40001-40703 of the “Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act.” This means it was part of a much larger bill and thus was never debated as a separate law. Also, given that the law is over 2000 pages, no politician read it. The law itself is highly technical and is not readily understandable by most citizens. Making matters worse, the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings forbade any anti-VAWA witness to speak. Politicians had no idea what they were voting on and the available information was tightly controlled.
It is nothing short of the paramount consummation of female rule in America.

The Science of Whoredom:

Transgenderism is a weapon of social terror. It is a pseudo-scientific fad promoted by major media and old money foundations. The 2016 Annual Report from Global Action for Trans Equality states that 11 percent of their budget comes from the US federal government, while almost 85 percent comes from elite foundations. They thank the “State Department” as an important supporter. They also mention the powerful Arcus Foundation and George Soros as significant donors. Only 1 percent of their budget comes from personal donations. This is not surprising. This strongly suggests its a fake issue driven by elites rather than real need.

Concerning Nihilism: Overcoming the Black Pill

We need to understand that this is it, there is no going back, no running away. Life is a last stand and the cavalry isn’t coming around the hill to save us. Our duty is to hold on to the lost position, without hope of rescue or thought of surrender.