At the summits of Resistance

“The interpretation in the contemporary conditions would be, that full awareness is the foundation of any form of revolting.  Firmness and uncompromising ways do not mean that you should go to your workplace or campus and preach the gospel of tradition or god forbid criticise more specific discourses like non-European immigration, SJW Inquisitorial suppression of freedom of speech, Man loathing radical feminism, mass murder orchestrated through state-sponsored approved abortion or LGBT(X) Identity proliferation. It means living an authentic life in the spirit of tradition without even blinking to the onslaught of the anti-traditional forces which are gaining momentum with every moment in time. This is where we place the Way of the Warden as a concept of metaphysical revolt…”

On Mental Health, Part 2

Though it is morally right to prescribe something analagous to medical intervention in cases of “mental disorders” the key terms are “analagous to”, “disorder”, and perhaps even “intervention” rather than “medical” and “illness”.

On Mental Health, Part 1

With [descriptors of a normal range of functions] out the window, diagnostic medicine becomes a matter of opinion rather than a pursuit of truth and health.