Michel Foucault and the Legislation of Reality:

Michel Foucault is one of the best known anti-structuralists – sometimes known as postmodernists – in both history and philosophy. Poststructuralism is primarily concerned with power in that nothing, not science, not music, not medicine, is bereft of power relations. Every socially significant object exists because its fought a Darwinian war for primacy and won. Because of this, everything is the result of coercion of some type.
Their great weakness is their solipsism. They cannot turn their own method against themselves. The fact that the world’s most prestigious universities and old money foundations have spent billions on this movement suggests that they too are the creation and manifestation of power. Jean Baudrillard said as much about him, yet the pot and kettle are both black. It is difficult to consider a wealthy professor, driving around town in a jaguar, as an “outsider.” Yet, Freshmen are told to think just this every semester.

On Mental Health, Part 2

Though it is morally right to prescribe something analagous to medical intervention in cases of “mental disorders” the key terms are “analagous to”, “disorder”, and perhaps even “intervention” rather than “medical” and “illness”.

On Mental Health, Part 1

With [descriptors of a normal range of functions] out the window, diagnostic medicine becomes a matter of opinion rather than a pursuit of truth and health.