The Historical Jesus: Tradition and Metapolitics

The Historical Jesus: Tradition and Metapolitics Eternity, the original Jesus Movement, the foundation for Christianity, is arguably the most effective metapolitical movement in the history of the world. What might Traditionalists seek to defeat modernity and restore sanity, through the practice of metapolitics, learn from it? The following essay is my feeble attempt at doing […]

The Orthodox Nationalist: The Emperor Justinian

The zenith of the Byzantine Empire was in the middle of the 6th century during the reign of the great Emperor Justinian (527-565). The internal consolidation of the state was his first order of business and from that, his agenda could be launched. Justinian’s focus was to restore the Roman Empire in the west, that had been in a state of anarchy for several centuries. He wanted to strengthen domestic law, and sought to make Byzantium the successor of Rome as it had been meant to be, and in the process, ruling all Europe and a unified Christendom.