The Year that Perished

The Year that Perished 2020 has not been a kind year to the United States of America. At the beginning of the year, this country was struck by a pandemic that no-one except for the most foresighted of clairvoyants could have foresaw, as well as the resulting quarantine which has put millions out of work […]

On the Use and Abuse of Identity

Identity isn’t something we can escape from. We can’t take a hot shower and hope that the color of our skin has been washed off in the process. Everyone: from a triracial Brazilian to a Finnish Laplander or a Trobriand Islander to an Alaskan Inuit is the result of untold milennias worth of biological history, each gene telling the story of some long-forgotten ancestor only half-remembered in some mythmoteur or in the yellowing pages of a family photo album.

American Racialism VS European Nationalism

f the nation does not defend and represent the interests of the root people, it ceases to be a nation. The root people cannot identify with the alien construct that was once their nation. They thus turn to another group to identify with (race instead of nation). This is what happened in America and will also happen in Europe in about twenty years if current trends continue. The demographic replacement has a silver lining.