Prometheism – a Libertarian Religion

A Book Review of Prometheism by Jason Reza Jorjani, from Akrtos Media Ltd Just as Prometheus rebelled against the immortal and powerful gods of the Olympic pantheon, so too Jason Reza Jorjani proposes that we rebel against the super-powerful big-technocratic elites of our day, lest they develop an unprecedented and, as yet, unimaginable level of […]

The Orthodox Nationalist: Some Clarifications in Orthodox Theology

This week’s broadcast Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson clarifies and expounds on some of the points made in previous broadcasts on theology. week. These are some of the most fundamental issues man can face, so dealing with them is a delicate project. Rarely are these basic issues dealt with properly and rationally.

A Short Note On Effeminacy

The effeminacy I criticize is a flaw of the natural woman in much the same way that wanton cruelty is the flaw of natural man: the primeval sin, the biological Adversary which every sapient creature does battle with when he fights to impose his will on his twisted and imperfect body. In this way, effeminacy is constitutive, but not definitive, of Woman.

Trouble in Paradise: Disagreements After Death

Mill’s concept of the value of pleasure is much closer to Epicurus’ than it is to Nagel’s, and he continues to say “the accusation supposes human beings to be capable of no pleasures except those of which swine are capable. If this supposition were true … the rule of life which is good enough for the one would be good enough for the other.”

The Trisagion

Through our reciting of the Trisagion we are imitating the angels who perpetually glorify God in His majesty. This is further advanced by the act of ritually rising and falling during it’s recitation, always oriented towards the holy altar. We should aim to always incorporate the Trisagion into our personal prayers because in doing so we implore the mercies of the Holy Trinity into our lives. I would especially recommend the praying of the Trisagion especially during fast days.

Hitler, Christianity and the Old Testament:

The question of Christianity and nationalism comes up often. As capital rules the globe without mercy and it seeks the destruction of all that increases its transaction costs, the nation is considered harmful. Official Orthodox writers fall easily in line, defining “nationalism” in the worst way possible and then patting themselves on the back for condemning it.

Orthodox intellectuals can rarely define the term properly. They seem to think it has to do with the modern state and imperialism. They also think that to be a nationalist is to “hate” others. Now, hatred is a perfectly legitimate emotion for enemies that seek to destroy you, but its hardly required for a nation to exist. Orthodoxy in general, and True Orthodoxy in particular have very, very few people capable of analyzing this properly.

Why Lent Matters

The world, it can be said, began anew with the Resurrection. Man, whose true nature had been disfigured after the Fall that had taken place in Eden, has now been restored. History now becomes sacred history– what the Church would call the Sixth Age of the World. Just as when we participate in the Liturgy, surrounded by the icons of saints and angels, we are no longer a part of profane time, but entering into a sacred time, the eternal time-beyond-time that exists with God. Likewise, when we participate in Lent, we are recovering those events which led to the sanctification of mankind which restored the human race to it’s Primordial condition and gave man a new and unique place in the cosmos.

America, Israel and the Evangelical movement

On December 6th 2017, U.S. President Donald Trump officially recognized Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Israel and announced his attention to move the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, reversing decades of United States neutrality on the the issue. The move was criticized by many nations and sparked a wave of […]

How to Believe: Becoming The Men of Janus

Paganism, Alt Right

How to Believe: Becoming The Men of Janus We are living in an age of dissolution. Every institution of government and society is in a state of seemingly terminal decline. At the individual level, the notions of honour, personal responsibility, and self-sacrifice have largely vanished from public life. The cause of this malaise is not […]