Waiting for the Father

Waiting for the Father Whoever still claims that we are living under patriarchy is probably unaware of the meaning of this term. Because patriarchy does not mean the rule of men, but the rule of fathers. And sadly, fathers have almost vanished from contemporary society. This does not suggest that modern men inevitably make for […]

The Science of Whoredom:

Transgenderism is a weapon of social terror. It is a pseudo-scientific fad promoted by major media and old money foundations. The 2016 Annual Report from Global Action for Trans Equality states that 11 percent of their budget comes from the US federal government, while almost 85 percent comes from elite foundations. They thank the “State Department” as an important supporter. They also mention the powerful Arcus Foundation and George Soros as significant donors. Only 1 percent of their budget comes from personal donations. This is not surprising. This strongly suggests its a fake issue driven by elites rather than real need.