Toxic anti-masculinity

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The Year that Perished

The Year that Perished 2020 has not been a kind year to the United States of America. At the beginning of the year, this country was struck by a pandemic that no-one except for the most foresighted of clairvoyants could have foresaw, as well as the resulting quarantine which has put millions out of work […]

Orthodoxy and Postmodernity

The Orthodox faith has not yet faced the full front of the crisis that is Postmodernity. This is because the Oikoumene—insulated from the subversive ideologies and trends that made inroads into the West after the end of the Second World War—was under the totalitarian boot of Communism which, in a very roundabout way, managed to shield most of the Orthodox world from what would eventually become an even greater threat.

James Younger and the Final Solution to Toxic Masculinity

The fact of the matter is that young men are the greatest resource a nation or a people can possess. Men, by nature’s design and by the work of providence, are the expendable sex. They are the muscle that keeps a community or society safe in times of war, protected in times of peace, feed in times of scarcity— often at the cost of their own lives. They are, as history has borne out, the brain by which almost all scientific discoveries and technological breakthroughs have been achieved; account for all the great explorers of human history as well as nearly all its great philosophical minds, religious leaders and spiritual guides.

A soft, passive, and compliant race of men will eventually be that people’s last generation. Women, despite what they may say otherwise, hate a man who is subservient to her needs and will not respect him. A woman will always be drawn to a man who is strong, who is forceful, who respects himself and, above all else, is self-sufficient. After all, a man who can rely on himself needs no one else, depends on no one else for anything, adheres to his own rule, charts his own course by his own polar star. If a woman can not find such a man among her own people, she will inevitably find one amongst another.

Why life matters

We are either on the side that loves life or the one that hates it. Either we say yes to life and all its beauty and adversity, or we succumb to the allures of perpetual infantilization and, drunk on the nectar of our own self-absorption, say no life and slip further down the slope into depravity and nihilism. We cannot rebuild our civilization with other people’s children and, make no mistake, children are indeed the future. In this moment, the question we need to ask ourselves is whether our future is one worth securing, or one worth consigning to the medical wastebin of history.

Screw your Optics

This is what those on the Right who complain about optics are really concerned about. To them, the Right cannot survive on its own merits, to succeed, it must be well received by the vast bulk of normiedom. This is because, unlike the Left, the Right does not control the superstructure necessary to exercise its will. As of now, the Right cannot compete against the Left for control of political offices, corporate sponsorship, the media, cultural institutions, the university system, etc. The one thing it can compete for control over is public opinion. Unfortunately, this is the one thing the Right doesn’t need to succeed as a movement.

Calling a Deer a Donkey

Imagine, if you will, that the ruling elites require you to point at a deer and call it a horse. Fair enough. When the elites are unquestioned and secure in their power, a little self-serving bullshit never hurt anybody. But imagine if you will, that the elites are in a bad spot. Their position is not secure, that they cannot address all threats to their power and there are serious questions with regards as to why we haven’t hanged the bastards yet. Would you point at a deer and call it a horse like they want you to? What’s the point of being in the elite’s good graces if the winds of change could sweep in and knock them down on their fat asses? You better damn well not call it a horse just in case the elites of tomorrow remember that you repeated the same bullshit of the old elite.


Developed by Spandrell (alias, Bloody Shovel) it takes the basic Leninist model of building a Party to rule the state out of the dregs of society, and shifts this to the realm of biology, wrong-think biology in particular, building the party out of people who are permanent losers within the social order. Naturally, this refers to the non-white, non-heterosexual, non-viable forms of life we’re forced to prostrate ourselves to as the living saints of the religion of diversity. This is for the very simple reason that those with zero status in a sane society stake their entire lives on accumulating social capital through the Party and will revert back to that position of zero status if the party ever loses power, thus ensuring their undying loyalty towards the party and undying enmity towards those who aren’t lacking in status – whether we’re talking about the ne’er do wells of old Russia or the degenerate and swarthy masses of the modern West. In other words, Bioleninism is a system through which the governing Globohomo powers ensure that those most problematic of peons – white, Christian, heterosexual men (and the women married to them) will always be outvoted (and therefore expropriated, disenfranchised and ultimately eliminated) by the aforementioned non-viable life forms.

The Legalization of Marijuana:

Introduction Marijuana is part of American culture. Routinely romanticized and glamorized in pop-culture from “Cheech and Chong” in the 1980s to Seth Rogen today, it has become part of the American life, which is curious for a drug that has been illegal for some time. It is connected with rock and folk bands from The […]