How Lincoln destroyed America using the Declaration of Independence.

How Lincoln destroyed America using the Declaration of Independence. The overarching theme of Kendall and Carey’s book, The Basic Symbols of the American Political Tradition, stands out quite a bit.  It runs against the grain of what is currently called traditional history.  Instead of the story of a nation founded on the ideas of equality […]

Alexander Dugin and Political Platonism

Alexander Dugin and Political Platonism Matthew Raphael Johnson brings another broadcast on the misunderstood work of Alexander Dugin. Plato is the foundation of western thought and western religion. His work is the intellectual scaffolding of ancient Christianity. It is based around the idea of unity, or the truth as one. God is truth, beyond space […]

Trouble in Paradise: Disagreements After Death

Mill’s concept of the value of pleasure is much closer to Epicurus’ than it is to Nagel’s, and he continues to say “the accusation supposes human beings to be capable of no pleasures except those of which swine are capable. If this supposition were true … the rule of life which is good enough for the one would be good enough for the other.”

Hitler, Christianity and the Old Testament:

The question of Christianity and nationalism comes up often. As capital rules the globe without mercy and it seeks the destruction of all that increases its transaction costs, the nation is considered harmful. Official Orthodox writers fall easily in line, defining “nationalism” in the worst way possible and then patting themselves on the back for condemning it.

Orthodox intellectuals can rarely define the term properly. They seem to think it has to do with the modern state and imperialism. They also think that to be a nationalist is to “hate” others. Now, hatred is a perfectly legitimate emotion for enemies that seek to destroy you, but its hardly required for a nation to exist. Orthodoxy in general, and True Orthodoxy in particular have very, very few people capable of analyzing this properly.

Thoughts on the Greater Holy War

Thoughts on the Greater Holy War There exist four spheres of thought and action within a higher plane of human interaction and consciousness. The first is morality, what is good and what is evil. Secondly, there is esthetics, what is beautiful and what is ugly; then economics, what is utile and inutile (or rather in […]