On the Final Victory of the Taliban in Afghanistan

All told, the US is a picture of failure in Afghanistan and the Middle East. The Taliban have proven that they are a popular and legitimate government of Afghanistan. Their strict Islam is needed to rebuild a war-torn country where morality has collapsed. War destroys basic ethical thinking. The US cares only to protect Israel and maintain the flow of natural resources under American control. Importantly, its also to keep them out of any entity with connections to Russia, the ultimate anti-liberal, archetypal power.

Blood and Thunder

The sweat of a man’s brow and the work of his hands, even at the basic level of agriculture, is violence: it is a violation upon Mother Earth, who is all too willing to give up a bounty to those willing to dominate her.

Podcast on General Alexander Lebed (1950-2010)

Officially banned from Facebook. Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson hosts a podcast talking about recent history in Russia, beginning in the nineties and concentrating on General Alexander Lebed (1950-2002).

The Political Sociology of Mass Society

Liberals are at the root of military worship. This makes perfect sense. While a few elderly vets think the military is a conservative institution, younger right-wingers know better. At the same time, younger liberals, not socialized in the same post-Vietnam anti-military world I was, see the military as their personal bodyguard, removing Islamic or nationalist governments and installing liberal, capitalist and feminist ones instead.

The Best Catchphrases Of The Ancient Spartans

The Spartans pioneered the laconic phrase. Lakonia was the general region around Sparta in southern Greece. They were a tough people, wasting little time with flowery phrases and got to the point quickly.

Reflections on War

Peace, even if it is a valuable and beautiful ideal, is just that: an ideal. Universal peace is a utopia since there will always be those who do not want peace. As the famous Roman saying goes: “Se vis Pacem, para bellum”. But in the same way, war is also a calamity situation. War should […]

Thoughts on the Greater Holy War

Thoughts on the Greater Holy War There exist four spheres of thought and action within a higher plane of human interaction and consciousness. The first is morality, what is good and what is evil. Secondly, there is esthetics, what is beautiful and what is ugly; then economics, what is utile and inutile (or rather in […]