A lot of people perceive the Warden Post as a  journalism alternative outlet focusing on contemporary politics from entirely different traditionalist angle exploring the subjects of identity, culture and its preservation and nourishment. I will not differ because one of the main reasons we started The Warden Post was a reaction to all the negative cultural discourses in the west as well as our physical eradication and replacement with alien demographics as the ultimate symptom of the dissolution of our own
postmodern technocratic elites which fuel the Empire of nothingness  Jack Donovan speaks in his last book “Becoming a Barbarian”:

“Politics becomes even more of a magnet for self-aggrandizing sociopaths and liars than it already tends to be by nature, and men with no meaningful political power or authority waste their time and energy trying to convince complete strangers to convert to their way of thinking, even when those strangers have different group identities, different religious beliefs, and completely incompatible or opposing ideas about what is good or “best in life.” ― Jack DonovanBecoming a Barbarian

The conventional approach towards resisting the Zeitgeist of degeneracy and decay is trying to emulate an organized political resistance through active participation in the political struggle for cultural hegemony via forming political and civic associations and alternative media trying to reach to the wider public. Sometimes the motives are of pure nature, and sometimes its just the Realpolitik struggle for raw power and domination of the economic and the political segments of life in the post-industrial West.

That’s great by my standards. I mean, people able to engage in public affairs was treated as a noble and higher gesture. In Ancient Greece, people who abstained from decision making and the formulating of the public opinion were considered idiōtēs, non-complete human beings, and to make a long story short, we all know the etymological origins of the overly used word Idiot, right?

Personally, I always considered the not full dedication as an incomplete approach towards revolting against the encroaching desert around us, which leads us to the good old ontological question: What does it really means to exist on a higher plateau of consciousness through action and deeds inspired by greater ideals? Richard Spencer while attending a University of Florida event said that “Your life matters only if you strive towards something bigger than you.”

For me, that’s the everyday tendency to become a complete human being reaching towards the most primal and sacral values while you cultivate your mind, detox your spirit and sharp your physical and strength of will.  To stand firm among the ruins, you have to actively oppose your lower impulses and shallow drives by pushing yourself over the cliff of conformity and taking that leap of fate which will elevate you above the herd mentality of the unwashed ignorant plebian masses which venerate this abominable gynecocracy regime of cultural distortion.  To fight means to exist, and to exist is to defy the efforts of our Hostis to eradicate us as the last bastion of defence and obstacle for the realisation of their snowflake ambiguous dystopia. 


Let’s start from the simple notion that we are essentially four-dimensional beings possessing a Physical, intellectual,  spiritual and emotional/social dimension. They form an integral unity, interact and support our endeavours in accordance with their capacities. The thing is, they are not a fixed, but rather a dynamic force which we reinforce through struggle.  Their manifestation is the red line between us and them, between the higher and the lower, the superior and the inferior and ultimately the strong and the weak.

It is essential to push your body through strength training and muscle building. By training, we break premises of our cages rising stronger and filled with life. Everybody who is engaged in Bodybuilding and weightlifting knows the sensation of the body after a nailed set or a climbed mountain peak. Martial arts are even more fulfilling due to the fact that they all consist of a truthfull credo and philosophy. The metaphysical of the body expresses in a satisfaction which derives from the old God of pain which transforms and empowers.

By writing and reading you engorge your mind to expand opening new idea patterns through the lenses of the traditional eternal and primordial truths of Purity and hierarchy.  Thinking is essential existence with a given context, the creation of perception with frames, which is in our case the establishment of The Imperium as a Supranational category. Spirituality is a subject in its own right.

The spiritual death is the courtyard of the physical one, and that’s why we encourage the expression of the spiritual. Christianity, Asatru, it really does not make a difference. The Battlecry of the Crusader and the War cry of the Viking is the product of the same blood and culture. Only after fulfilling the first three personal pillars can you engage in the establishing or joining an already existing Warband, Party, association or simply put Brotherhood. You can build only if you build yourself first through struggle and constant self-improvement.

This is what it means to be a Warden.

Becoming a tribe of Gods.