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Just in time for International Women’s Day (March 8th), the increasingly red-pilled Tucker Carlson began a month-long special inquiring into why men are failing, “ [in]
mind, body and spirit .”  The “war on women” seems to have backfired, resulting in large casualties among men.  According to Mr Carlson, “it’s men in America who are failing,” in general, not women.
This is hardly what you’d expect given our patriarchal and oppressive history regarding our relations with women; however, whether it is a suicide, success at school and work, mental or physical health, mortality, the median income (despite the leitmotiv of the wage gap), familial happiness or even incarceration and mass murder, men are in a socio-economic mess and the ideological mire has hidden this. The statistics speak for themselves.

Mortality: Suicide and Drug Abuse

The average American man dies five years earlier than his female counterparts. Higher mortality in men has been linked to several facts, including addiction and a two-fold the likelihood in alcoholism, and in death by drug overdose. In some states, like New Hampshire,  73% of death by lethal doses are men. 77% of all suicides are men.

Between 1997 and 2014, there has been a 43% increase of death by suicide, especially by middle-aged white men, which is similar to only one other
ethnic group, that is Native American men. The fact that white men are now comparable to the disenfranchised and increasingly alcoholic Native American should be alarming. That means that we are killing ourselves at ten times the rate at which Hispanic or Black women do. 90% of all incarcerated persons are male, and 100% of mass murders are committed by men. No doubt, the radical left and their feminist cells would call this “ just deserts .”

According to Carlson, the reasons for this epidemic of self-destructiveness among men is complex and baffles those researchers who buck the trend of the establishment by
noticing it even among boys. For practical purposes, I am using the terms “boys” and “girls” for expediency. The fact that even this is an issue should send up “red-flags” hopefully resulting in “red-pills!” Please note that Mr Carlson does not specifically address homosexuality or miscegenation, and the writer does not wish to imply that he shares these opinions or is
imputing them to him.


There is also co-morbidity with transgendered “males,” who have an additional 40% higher rate of suicide than their cisgender peers. This may spell relief for “homophobes,”
but one ought to take into account that many of them are white men who are being indoctrinated into believing that “gender” is not biological, but “fluid” (an unfortunate
term), influencing, if not leading, them to adopt these labels and lifestyles, with psychiatrists ever ready to prescribe hormone therapy to achieve these ends.
Therefore, what used to be a case of experimentation and curiosity or substitution driven by frustration and social inadequacy, is probably, among other things, due to our porn-fueled libidinous atmosphere of instant gratification and sexual satiation at whatever cost with anyone.

Succumbing to naturally occurring latent tendencies and/or curiosity is now rather a rite of the passage of self-discovery, because these ideas are being actively promoted, rather than merely tolerated or accepted, by an increasingly liberal left educational establishment. I will offer some very general observations, which, it is hoped, will not result in too much criticism or controversy.

Perhaps, social sciences could become more scientific and employ Ockham’s Razor, which sagely advises not to manufacture entities beyond necessity. Clearly, “gender” is a
conceptual malignancy, substituting naturally observable classes, such as biological sex, and conflating it with sexual identity or preference. “Gender” has been appropriated from grammar, by way of literary theory and third-wave feminism, to replace biology, giving
rise to this alarming and chaotic confusion.

In my opinion, homosexuality is being encouraged as a healthy lifestyle choice, which it may very well be for so-called “true” homosexuals, but unhealthy for the majority of men, who are being deceived by the liberal left and the pornographic inundation to push the
the idea that ” enlightened sexuality” is multi-gendered and hardly a function of reproduction
between suitable heterosexual partners who share ethnic and social bonds, language,
history and culture.


It should also be noted that white males are also being reinforced to couple with women of other races, specifically black, Asian, and Hispanic. Though non-White women are
currently enjoying a period of social promotion and vertical mobility as a matter of left-leaning public policy, many are still not-representative of the increase of the standard of living shared and enjoyed by American white women generally.
From the alt-right perspective, this is leading a frustrated sub-base of men to pursue sexual and romantic relationships with women whose current socio-economic standards
may be slightly lower relative to their own. They are becoming “sugar-daddies.” Many of these women still adopt traditional gender roles, as abiding by then fulfil their socio-
economic needs.

The proliferation of the manosphere speaks to this trend, both pro and con. No doubt, some men enjoy exploiting women sexually because they are in a position to do so.
Moreover, black and Hispanic women may be more heterosexually aggressive than their white sisters, leading to increased miscegenation, and mixed childbirths both in and out of wedlock. Taken together with the rise of secularism, traditional relationships have become increasingly displaced and conditioned by both ideological constructs and, more importantly, by the fact that the environment in which we move and breathe is also fundamentally changing.

This phenomenon is occurring with a general trend in lowered reproduction and fertility, with white women having children, if at all, later in life. Married with Children is
becoming a liability for all involved, especially men in light of biased family law, and women, who do not want a pregnancy to interfere with their upward mobility, and are no
longer incentivized by marriage as a socioeconomic value and norm.


Tucker Carlson and Jordan Petersen agree. “Relative to girls,  boys are failing in school: More girls than boys graduate high school. Considerably more go to and graduate from college.

Boys account for the overwhelming majority of school discipline cases. One study found that fully one in five high school boys had been diagnosed with hyperactivity disorder, compared with just one in 11 girls. Many were medicated for it. The long term health effects of those medications aren’t fully understood, but they appear to include depression in later life.

The results of these trends get even worse. There are many more women than men in graduate school and receiving doctorates. Women’s biological directives toward childbirth and rearing are being supplanted by becoming the instructors and managers of our ever-expanding “nanny state.” They also constitute the majority of new enrollments in both law and medical schools.

Weaponized Sexuality

Obviously, for men, the price of failing in school is grave. “Between 1979-2010, working-age men with only high school degrees saw  their real hourly wages drop about 20% .”
At the same time, educated women’s wages rose, and yet, every day we are being told that men are in control
and still oppressing women.

The #Metoo movement has not helped this perception.

It would be dishonest for women to deny that many have weaponized sexuality to gain power, and accusations of sexual assault and harassment can be used the same way. This is not to deny, of course, that sexual exploitation, violent or otherwise, are all-too-common, and a disgrace to all men. I suppose women in Hollywood can expect to be
judged upon their “talent” and acting chops exclusively going forward. Be careful what you ask for, Ladies!

The decline of the industrial economy hasn’t helped men either. Increased automation, illegal immigration—that is, the presence of economically disenfranchised men who are sexually assertive in securing residency and security by pairing with women—simultaneously driving down wages, and creating more competition for resources, including women, has resulted in a full 7 million men in their heyday of life dropping out of the workforce completely. These men are effectively extracting themselves from the gene pool.

Nearly half of them take pain medication on any given day. They are incentivized to malinger and collect disability or unemployment. That’s the highest rate of such drug
abuse in the world, and the unemployment numbers reflect some found in third world countries far poorer than the United States.

Thus do many men cope by taking drugs, benumbing themselves, seeking non-prohibitive sexual liaisons, virtual or real, gaming and griping, and masturbating to pornography. Indeed, some of these voted for Trump or Sanders as a result of marginalization. It goes without saying, many of these men would be empowered by the alt-right, and it’s growing number of women adherents, and it is only a matter of time until they adopt it as a matter of natural necessity.

The Catastrophe of Marriage

Fewer men are getting or remaining married, relative to even a few decades ago. 1 in 5 children lives with their mothers, resulting in fatherless, spoiled, clinging, insatiable men. That is twice the rate since the “sexual liberation” of women in the 70s. Fatherlessness leads to nihilism. Indeed, it was the fatherless and hen-pecked Nietzsche, a perennial bachelor, doted on by his mother and sisters, that in some ways contributed to the psychology of the “death of God.” The “Lost Generation” at the turn of the last century may have more in common with Millennials than meets the eye.

Much of the frenzied liberal ideology of today stems from the nihilism created by the
the patriarchal vacuum of past generations, itself the result of the collective mass murder of men, many of them fathers, in the Second World War, or their increasing marginalization since.  It has gotten so bad that: Young adult men are now more likely to live with a parent than with a spouse or partner. […] Single women buy their own homes at more than twice the rate of single men. More women than men now have drivers’ licenses.

In short, they’ve been infantilized.

Let’s not forget that such traditional institutions as marriage, family, and child-rearing have been replaced by vertical and monetary mobility—all human behaviours have become a function of late Western capitalism. This has become the framework and environs of our naturally selected traits. I’ll return to this last point at the end.

The Real “Wage Gap”

Tucker tells us that the so-called “wage gap” is less real than it appears: A woman makes 77 cents for every dollar a man earns.
That’s the statistic you’ll hear. It’s repeated everywhere. But that number compares all American men to all American women across all professions.

No legitimate social scientist would consider that a valid measure. The number is both meaningless and intentionally misleading. It’s a talking point.

If one compares men and women with the same experience, working over the same amount of time, the “wage gap” disappears. Indeed,  it becomes inverted.
One study using census data found that single women in their 20s living in metropolitan areas now earn eight per cent more on average than their male counterparts.
By the way, the majority of managers are now women. Women, on average are scoring higher on IQ tests than men are.

Perhaps, one upside of this will be an increasing reliance on psychometry, which has become all but obsolete since “ The Bell Curve ” threatened our religion of equality.  It gets worse: Men are even falling behind physically. A recent study found that almost half of young men failed the Army’s entry-level physical fitness test during basic training.

Fully seventy per cent of American men are overweight or obese, as compared to 59 per cent of American women.

No Balls aka Lowered Sperm and Testosterone

Most terribly of all, is the literal “feminization” of men: Men are, literally, becoming less male. “ Sperm counts across the west have plummeted, down almost 60 per cent since the early 1970s.” “Scientists,” we are told, “don’t know why.”

Testosterone levels in men have also fallen precipitously. One study found that the average levels of male testosterone dropped by one per cent every year after 1987.

This is unrelated to age. The average 40-year- old-man in 2017 would have testosterone levels 30per cent lower than the average 40-year-old man in

Lowered testosterone levels have been found to be co-morbid with depression, lethargy,
weight gain and decreased cognitive ability.

Apparently, such NIH-funded studies as “Pubic Hair Grooming Prevalence and Motivation Among Women in the United States.”
are more relevant than lowered testosterone, which has become little more than a fringe topic. That’s right, Gents! We are a fringe topic!

The decrease and hormonal imbalances, of course, are symptomatic of the restructured world we dwell within, both metaphorically and physically. It may, to my mind, be due to electromagnetism and high levels of exposure with the advent of the PC and the ubiquitous mobile device. Perhaps pornography is damaging in other ways, as well.
So the numbers speak for themselves. We are told over and over that, “Women are victims and men are their oppressors.” To question this article of faith results in stigma or

While men lag behind women on every social front, including higher education, almost every institution of higher learning has a “Women’s Studies.”
Department, who are effectively fabricating and attacking our so-called patriarchal and assaultive power. Politicos and academics, the mass media, and the public and private
sectors have appropriated and are repeating this mantra: Men are privileged. Women are oppressed; therefore, you must hire, promote, award and punish accordingly. Let’s
not even begin to factor in White Privilege!

It is clear that society needs to catch up with reality. Women’s social promotion has more than accounted for institutional inequalities. We are in an age of powerful and successful women who have met market demand with ambition and aptitude. Should they continue to see the glass as half-full, their men—whose sperm donations they still require and desire, at least until a synthetic substitute is available—will continue their downward spiral as the malign perpetrators of toxic masculinity, when in fact they are becoming castrated eunuchs.


The architects of society don’t care if you’re puffing pot, drunk, horny, jerking off to sick
porn, and impotent. They have a healthy birthrate.
Virtual reality works just as well, channelling your energy into POV or gaming with VR goggles—more electromagnetism—until you buy a sexbot. Spilling your seed in a circle
jerk delights them. It could even be the GMOs that are making men sterile women.

I don’t know.

I do know though that eating garbage that will kill you prematurely, non-organic food, GMOs or junk McMurder isn’t helping. Better to become a macrobiotic or vegan weakling, anaemic with ED, than an obese pig with shrinking balls, ideally smoking or chewing tobacco, on antidepressants and pharmaceuticals that destroy your mind and
metabolism, obese and diabetic, on the grid, celebrating diversity but advancing miscegenated homogeneity, liberal ideological groupthink, a slave to animal instincts,
misinformed, easily manipulated, etc. The coup de grace is that they want you to become a cuckolded, gender dysphoric beta male, a polyamorous androgyne, ideally contracting STDs or herpes, or better HIV, with biracial children. In short, a sheep once sheared led gently to the slaughter. Apparently,
it’s working.

To become a self-hating white, ashamed of your culture, race and identity, a model of white privilege and guilt—consciously or unconsciously—eager to yield to inevitable
replacement. Don’t forget to self-administer large doses of Shitflix, being conditioned by “programming” and “misinformation.” I’d say the same for cable news, but apparently, Tucker is trying to change that. I wonder how long it’ll be, till he’s accused of sexual harassment.

Wake up and Smell the Coffee

We can no longer ignore the decline of men. It is hoped that men and women wake the fuck up and realize that they need each other, if only for the survival of the species—we
cannot exist without each other, that is, until biotech transhuman solutions supply alternatives, which is becoming a reality we shall have to reckon with, as it appears
looming on the horizon des Ausgang des Abendlands.   On the last note, many have always understood “evolution” in a normative sense of advancement and progress.

The truth is the “evolution” is the wrong word. We learn from Darwinism that adaptation is a morally neutral process whose value can only be measured by its expediency in naturally selecting behaviour that maximizes the probability of survival.

In an age where “anthropogenic” phenomena with far-reaching consequences are real and more-or-less rational, we should also come to understand how ideology and
technology have transformed the environment which is reciprocally selecting traits that ensure our ability to inhabit it. It should be all-too-clear that the decline of men addressed here, is an indication that the values of the alt-right may also be a natural expression of survival instinct made manifest.

This piece originally appeared in Affirmative Right Blog. The author would like to thank its editor,
Colin Liddell, the best writer and editor is that abomination now known as the Altright for permission
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