[Editors Note: This article was originally published at thewardenpost.com, during the first incarnation of this project’s original website, shortly after the inauguration of US president Donald Trump. As to be expected, many things have changed since then, and the reader is asked to keep in the mind that the following article reflects the atmosphere and language in the first weeks of November 2016.]

The psychic shockwave that ripped across the country in the wake of Donald Trump’s inauguration last January has left the contemporary American Left in a state of crippling disbelief. Throughout the entire election, supporters of the Trump campaign heard nothing but the cacophonous projections from television pundits, online “journalists” such as those at Salon and the Huffington Post, and professional Pundits such as Nate Silver at FiveThirtyEight all declaring with the utmost confidence that the prospects of a Trump victory on November 8th were nothing more than an unrealistic fantasy, dream’t up only by the deplorable, racist White working-class that has been devastated by decades of industrial manufacturing being shipped overseas and the influx of cheap, foreign labor imported from the Third World (specifically Mexico and Central America) all supported by both the Republican and Democratic parties.

Well, here we are.

As to be expected, the American Left did not take their defeat gracefully and Donald Trump’s inauguration ceremony was plagued by riots from the Anti-fascist movement or “Antifa” as well as the usual assortment of anarchists who usually tag along to smash the windows of local Starbucks coffee shops that clearly represent the face of fascist oppression. However, even this did not go as planned for the Anti-Trump Leftists as a reported two-hundred and seventeen rioters were apprehended by police.

The wave of protests which followed Trump’s election victory and his eventual inauguration did not come as a surprise to anyone on the Right. What did, however, came as a shock was the politically inspired violence that arose afterwards. During an interview with local journalists covering the Alternative Right’s reactions to the Trump inauguration, National Policy Institute president and coiner of the label “AltRight” Richard Spencer, was sucker punched by an alleged deviant with coprophilic tendencies associated with Antifa. The reaction by online media and the twitterverse was one of almost unanimous praise for the alleged pervert eventually leading to the formerly interesting cracked.com asking the important question:
“Is it ok to punch a Nazi?”

Now, say what you will about the man’s politics, but Richard Spencer is most certainly not a National Socialist. Having personally been an avid listener of Vanguard Radio, his personal podcast series, since 2013, it easy to conclude that Mr. Spencer is much more interested in the works of Friedrich Nietzsche, the Revolutionary Conservative movement and the French New Right as well as his somewhat curious but ultimately harmless fanboy obsession with the James Bond franchise than he is with Mein Kampf or The Doctrine of Fascism.

But given the nature of the times we are living in; such a distinction no longer matters. To be a “fascist” or a “Nazi” nowadays is ultimately to be to the right of Marxist-Leninism. Such examples are tragically abundant: After the inauguration, figures associated with the “AltLite” such as Mike Cernovich and Roger Stone held a victory party magnanimously crowned the “Deploraball” only to be met with hundreds of protestors who proceeded to harass the attendees by throwing water bottles and eggs at them. Luckily, no one was hurt and no arrests were made. Such was not the case however when a man was shot at an event at Berkeley University where now disgraced journalist and free speech activist Milo Yiannopoulos was set to give a speech. On February 2, 2017, VICE co-founder and Gavin McInnes was assaulted by members of Antifa on his way to host an event at New York University.

So, now the question remains: why is the Left attempting to legitimize political violence?

The Left has been losing control of the narrative for some time now. Many on the (so called) Right have been pointing to the Gamergate controversy as the axiom for which the contemporary Left has been on the defensive, however, such classifications are indeed arbitrary and seemingly overlook the obvious, viz., that post-liberalism has merely exhausted all its possibilities, opening the space for new political dialects offering a much more novel sense of life and a grand new telos to occupy the space left vacant by the open vaults and reliquaries of the New Left, reduced now to a fellaheen-ideology only taken up by the socially atomized masses in the great urban sprawls of Europe and America.

A thought:

What concerns us in the present moment is not to be troubled by the little sordid personal dramas surrounding individuals, no matter how important they might be to our own ideas, but to grasp the profundity that behind each action and each performance on the metapolitcal stage represents a shift in ideology and Worldview. The word Worldview needs to be emphasized, as we are dealing with forces drastically opposed to us, and by default, experience life and perceive the world in a completely different, almost unimaginable way from how we and our less-radical allies, who for better or worse believe in Tradition and Hierarchy even if they are on a profane and material level of existence.

Let us ask ourselves, who are our enemies? “Why does the heathen rage?

The ugly girl, rejected by men all her life who, having now cast off whatever femininity she had, dyes her hair in erroneous colors and can now be found in every “slut walk” and feminist rally in the Western world— railing against the “Patriarchy,” the alleged conspiratorial cabal of old white men in smoke filled rooms plotting on how to spread “rape culture” at home and abroad. The angry minority, who raised in a culture completely different than those of his parents turns to extremism to find longing, identity and demands of his host-country that he is in fact entitled to reparations for the past horrors of colonialism and slavery— all the while enjoying the benefits of having the privilege to live and work in a First World nation. The scrawny, pasty, chubby cheeked beta male who marches in unison, shoulder to shoulder, with every pervert, deviant and culture-distorter advocating for whatever cause deemed fashionable at that moment because he himself has never known what it means to have ideas in his head that are his own. That is Leftism.

Leftism is the ideology of ressentiment, it is the fundamental belief that if we cannot be unequal in happiness than we shall all be equal in misery. From the so-called Age of Enlightenment onward, we have endured liberalism and its consequences and only now, in this rift that has been caused by a golden-haired celebrity businessman (of all people) on the stage of High Politics has this fragmenting of the Worldview that has been gospel since the days of Adorno, Marcuse, Benjamin, Lukacs as well as Foucault, Derrida, Delueze and Baudrillard been undermined by a sense of life and of political reality— nascent, yet strong enough in its infancy to stand opposed to it.

Breitbart recently published a report from the German domestic intelligence agency claiming that nine in ten Left-wing activists are single and live with their parents.  Now, this isn’t to say that we on the Far Right do not have our own NEET problem and, to be perfectly honest, it is my own personal opinion that the AltRight would not have won the memetic victory that was the Trump election that it had without its own unemployed basement dwelling shock-troops at the helm to tweet Pepe the Frog memes at Rick Wilson, Ben Shapiro, and other nefarious, no-good neoconservative, cuckolds as well as essentially culture jamming social media with the AltRight’s own form of memetic propaganda, affectionately known in imageboard subculture as “weaponized autism.” This, as well as the legions of anonymous technophiles who invested so much time and effort combing the Wikileaks email dumps for incriminating evidence on the Clinton Foundation; of which resulted in the infamous “Spirit Cooking” fiasco that may have tipped the balance, if indeed ever-so slightly, in Trump’s favor last November.

The fact remains, however, that there are more and more ever-growing minorities of millennial youth who live at home with their parents and are not currently married or dating. This is a recipe for long term disaster, not just demographically but to social stability as well. Young, military age men who are unemployed, drowning in debt, forced to know the shame of not being able to provide for themselves independently will eventually find themselves turning to more and more extreme political ideologies to look for scapegoats to blame for their misfortunes. How often— unto nausea— have we heard the words: Patriarchy, kyriarchy, the “top one-percent,” the white supremacist super-structure, and so on and so forth as alibies for one’s own personal shortcomings? To be fair, those of our generation— the generation of 91’— were born into a time where we told by near-absent parents that we “could be anything we set our minds too,” only to find that the economic realities of an ever-increasing post-industrial society were far, far different.

In his “Genealogy of Morals,” Friedrich Nietzsche described feelings of ressentiment as the beginning of all slave morality. The envy of the decadence of the higher classes, of wanting to imitate their lifestyle, the persistent belief that a life of ease, comfort, material and sensual fulfillment is the be-all-end-all of human existence pervades the ranks of the Radical Left. For, whether one be an anarchist, a (hard) socialist, a communist, or a syndicalist, the instinctual class-hatred that pervades the mentality of the Left has always been relatively naive and short sighted. In the stages of Early Modernity, this was manifested in the ressentiment of the proletariat against the bourgeoisie. Now, in the stages of Late Modernity, it is the abject hatred of the disenfranchised children of the Middle Classes against the Professionals and the Rich. However, this envy, this ressentiment, this Worldview– the ideology of labor that demands the abolition of labor in favor of comfort– is at a crisis. The old Socialism of the Communards and the Diggers, the new socialism of the post-Structuralists– can and will not be able to address the mass-scale automation of labor and the reduction of “work” to cheap foreign laborers who have essentially been reduced to the state of helots in the name of global capitalism.

What then is to be done?

We on the Right– the True Right– understand that there are indeed values and principles beyond the economic. However, we are most certainly living in an economic age, and despite all our protests, we have to think and act economically if we are to gain our daily bead and meat to survive. This admission alone separates us from the Left and the phone right– but it does require some introspection:

How much are we willing to concede to the material plane, which, in its essence, separates and dulls our experiences of and toward the spiritual plane– the plane superior to that of mundane and profane existence?
So long as we speak in purely economic matters, so long as we talk in terms of profit, turnover and surplus, we remain separated from the true goal– not merely of self-overbecoming–but of the integration of one’s Being into the strata into which one was willed to be born into. Truly, what separates us from our contemporaries on the Left is not so much a hatred of Modernity and the wealth disparities or economic inequalities wrought by Late Capitalism, but that one’s life does not reflect one’s station. Fire cannot put out fire, and Modern solutions cannot cure the existential and social problems caused by Modern life. And it is for this reason, so this writer believes, that the occult, memetic war of which we have been conscripted into will be ours to win in the end.

The problem of the contemporary Left is that it has become reactive rather than proactive to the condition of Modern living. Modernity– at its core– is about comforts; and the comforts of Modern existence are to plenty and far scarce to few. One cannot demand the abolition of the State and in the same breath demand all the luxuries the State provides; such a view of life is contradictory and unrealizable. However, as I have said before, such a contradiction no longer matters. What matters to the foot soldiers of Modernity, to the regressive Left, is that ease and speed of which comfort is achieved is maximized with the least possible effort. Again, that is Leftism.

So, how are we then, to combat the Left? How are we, in its deathrows, to endure the last violent spasms of a post-liberal, cultural-Marxist intifada before this project of ’68 comes crashing down before us? My own answer would be thus: endure. Yet, such an answer I feel to be incomplete and obscuritan. I don’t need to remind anyone reading this article that we– this is to say our side– is in possession of the Truth, not just in an arbitrary or even a moralistic sense, but within an adherence to Higher values beyond the mundane, the worldly and the economic. As I emphasized in my previous article, a spiritual need for readiness of action will be required to face the forces of subversion head on. One should actively train one’s body and mind to deal with the potential conflicts posed by the dark, subversive forces of Modern exigencies.